Margerith Maughan Ted Bundy trial girlfriend Utah
Margerith Maughan, 1965

This is the witness testimony of Margerith (who went by “Margith”) Maughan, Ted Bundy’s downstairs neighbor at 565 1st Avenue and a previous girlfriend. The daughter of a Utah Supreme Court justice, she testified for the prosecution in the Carol DaRonch kidnapping trial on Tuesday, February 24, 1976.


Q: Will you state your name and address, please?

A: Margerith Christine Maughan, 565 First Avenue, No. 1.

Q: Here in Salt Lake City?

A: Yes.

Q: How long have you resided at that address, Miss Maughan?

A: Since the third week of September, 1974.

Q: Are you acquainted with the Defendant in this action, Theodore Bundy?

A: Yes.

Q: When did you first meet Mr. Bundy?

A: The end of September or the first of October, 1974.

Q: And how did you happen to meet him?

A: I met him out on our porch one day.

Q: Where did he reside at that time?

A: He resided upstairs.

Q: In the same apartment building?

A: Same apartment building, yes.

Q: Did you have an opportunity, shortly after meeting Mr. Bundy, to observe a vehicle owned by him?

A: Yes.

Q: What sort of vehicle was that?

A: Cream-colored Volkswagen.

Q: Do you know the year?

A: No, I don’t. It was a sedan.

Q: Did you have an opportunity to be in that vehicle during that period of time?”

A: Yes.

Q: Speaking in the months of October and November of 1974—

A: Yes.

Q: —how many occasions did you happen to be in the car during that period of time?

A: As I recall, two or three times.

Q: Did you have an occasion to observe the condition of the interior of the car during the time you were in the vehicle?

A: Did I have an occasion to observe it?

Q: Did you observe it?

A: Did I observe it?

Q: The interior of the vehicle?

A: Yes.

Q: Did you notice anything during the period of time with regard to the back seat of the vehicle, either while you were in the car or around the car?

A: Not that I can rightly recall of a certainty.

Q: Did you have an occasion to observe any tears in the back seat of that car?

A: At that time? I can’t remember.

Q: Do you ever remember seeing a tear in the back seat of that car?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you pinpoint the exact time when you observed it?

A: No. I can’t remember. Can’t remember.

Q: Generally, the time period?

A: I would say, as I recall, it would have been around the end of 1974 or the beginning of 1975. The initial—

Q: Did you have an occasion to be in the car during that time period?

A: No. At the beginning of 1975?

Q: Well, you said the latter part of 1974, early part of 1975?

A: No.

Q: Show you Exhibit 20, which consists of two photographs, Miss Maughan, a Polaroid shot – a smaller one – and a larger blow-up of the same photograph. Have you seen that photograph before?

A: Yes.

Q: And where was that?

A: Where did I see the photograph?

Q: Yes.

A: I saw it– have I seen this photograph?

Q: Yes?

A: Yes. I saw this in your office.

Q: Okay. And that was Saturday?

A: Yes, last Saturday.

Q: Now, have you had a chance to reflect in your memory as to the first time you realized that there was a tear in the back seat of Mr. Bundy’s car, and compare it with the photograph in Exhibit 20?

A: Do I– Would you please repeat that?

Q: Let me rephrase it. How does the photograph compare with the tear in the back seat as you recall it?

A: It’s exactly the way it was.

Q: Were you acquainted with Mr. Bundy in the month of August of 1975?

A: Yes.

Q: And the latter part of that month?

A: Yes.

Q: Were you still living in the same position in the apartment house?

A: Yes.

Q: Did you ever have an occasion during that period of time, latter part of August, first part of September, to have a conversation with Mr. Bundy about a search of his vehicle?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you recall when and where that conversation took place?

A: I recall that conversation took place in my apartment the first or second week of September 1975.

Q: And who was present?

A: Just Ted Bundy and myself.

Q: Would you relate to the Court what was said with regard to a search of his automobile by some police officers?

A: He told me after he was stopped by the police officers that they searched his car. And I asked him why, and he said that he didn’t know, but they searched his car. And he said that he let them search his car.

Q: He let them search his car?

A: I asked him, “Why did you let them search your car?” And he said he didn’t say anything, but – he evidenced to me that he let them search his car.

Q: No further questions.


Q: Margerith, you asked him– you were a little indignant about it, weren’t you?

A: About what?

Q: Well, about them searching his car out there?

A: Yes.

Q: And you asked him why he didn’t object, isn’t that the way it went?

A: Yes.

Q: And he said that he just didn’t object, right?

A: Yes. That’s the result of the idea.

Q: You thought he should have put up more– at least voiced his objection, or said something, right?

A: Because of the fact– yes, um-hmm.

Q: Now, you saw this car off and on up through September of this year, or up to September of this year, anyway, didn’t you? Or last year, ’75?

A: Yes.

Q: Okay. And when you identified this tear, that’s the way it looked the last time you saw it, right? Or that’s how you remember it, right?

A: The last time I saw it?

Q: Yes.

A: No.

Q: Well, I guess you saw it after it was fixed, right?

A: Yes.

The backseat of Bundy’s VW after the tear was fixed, October 1975.
Courtesy Bountiful PD

Q: But you don’t know if it looked like that in October of 1974?

A: Not for sure, no.

Q: Well, things like that generally progress, don’t they? Get worse with time? Or do you know? If you know?

A: Do they get worse with time, tears in cars?

Q: Yes.

A: I guess so.

Q: All right. Now, think back to the fall of 1974, and that car. Do you recall pushing that car with your car?

A: Yes. But I– yes.

Q: Wasn’t he having a lot of trouble getting that car started during, say, November of 1974?

A: I can recall pushing his car. I can’t recall exactly when, except for a time in the spring of 1975 or summer.

Q: Well, do you recall getting so tired pushing his car that you told him of a place where he should take it, the Volkswagen place, to be repaired so you wouldn’t have to push it any more in the mornings?

A: As I recall, it didn’t happen that often. I recall telling him where he could get his car fixed if he had any problems.

Q: All right. You would see Mr. Bundy quite often during the fall of ’74, first part of ’75, didn’t you? You were neighbors?

A: Um-hmm.

Q: You’d visit each other, wouldn’t you?

A: Yes.

Q: Sometimes you’d have meals together?

A: Yes.

Q: Ever recall him to wear patent leather shoes?

A: No.

MR. O’CONNELL: That’s all.

MR. YOCOM: No further questions.

THE COURT: All right. Thank you, Miss Maughan.

Many thanks to Erin Banks of CrimePiper for her generous assistance in transcribing this transcript.

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