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Initial Missing Persons Report for Melissa Smith. October 18, 1974

Midvale Police Dept. Incident Offense Report by Officer Elsby
Missing Person Case No. 74-3245
October 21, 1974

The following is a follow-up on missing person, Melissa Smith.

On 10-18-74, talked to Julie R. She says she called Melissa around between 8 and 8:30 to come to the Pepperoni and talk because Julie had had some words with a girl by the name of Sherry M. and Julie felt kind of low and wanted someone to talk to. At this time Julie came up to the Pepperoni, or Melissa came to the Pepperoni and talked to Julie and Sherry M. states that Melissa left the Pepperoni at approx. 9:30. The reason we can say 9:30 is that Sherry M. called her mother to see if she could go to the show. Her mother looked at the clock to see what time it was and it was 9:15. Sherry left the Pepperoni between ten and fifteen minutes after she called her mother. Also asked Sherry what way Melissa went and her first statement was towards State Street.

13:15: Talked to Mr. Barnett, counselor at Hillcrest High. He stated that Melissa is a good student, carries a B average for the last two years, had only missed ten days of school. To his knowledge she was not having any problems.

14:00: Talked to Jolene Smith. She gave me some names of Melissa’s friends. She says running away goes against everything Melissa stands for and she honestly does not believe that Melissa would run away. If she did she’s the type of person that would call home to let them know she was alright. Jolene thinks that Melissa left home at around 21:10 hours.

17:45: Talked to LaVerne J. She states that she heard a girl scream between 22:00 and 23:00 hours on 10/18. The scream came from north of the junior high. At this time Mrs. J was working in the back yard, for her working in the yard at night is not uncommon because her husband is one of our dispatchers and this gives her something to do.

Melissa Smith Jolene Smith Ted Bundy
Melissa Smith (left) and Jolene Smith (right). Undated.
Courtesy Rob Dielenberg.

Oct. 22, 1974
14:00: Talked to a Bernadette B., student, Continental Beauty College. She states that Melissa was at a party about three weeks ago, which was on a Saturday and could have been either Oct. 5th or possibly 9/28. Melissa stayed overnight. This was a mixed party, there was drinking involved, however Melissa did not drink an excessive amount. Most of the people had dates, except Melissa. Bernadette brought her home the following Sunday morning. Bernadette also stated a boy in a red car brought Melissa to school on Tuesday which would’ve been October the 15th. However, she does not have a name or make of the car. 

Talked to Sherry M., states she went to the Pepperoni about 20:10 to see a Cindy H., who also works there. When she got there she got into a few words with Julie R. about Julie’s boyfriend. At this time Julie called Melissa and Melissa came up. Sherry left the Pepperoni at roughly 21:30 hours, right behind Melissa.

Also talked to a Mindy M. Mindy was really a close friend, in fact, Melissa was going to stay the night in question at her place. However, they did not make connections. Mindy stated that she was out all night Friday and did not return home until 06:00 Saturday morning. At this time Mindy was our prime suspect, as she did know something. She was put on the polygraph for about two hours and the polygraph results showed that Mindy did not know where Melissa was or she had no idea of any of her friends that knew.

Mindy M., 1975

Oct. 23, 1974
Talked to a Harry G., states that he saw Melissa 10/10 at her home. He stayed at her place until approx. 22:00 hours. Harry drives a ’68 Camaro, black over white. He met Melissa two years ago at the Fairmont Park swimming pool.

Talked to Jeff M., he goes to school with Melissa. He also is the person who drove her to Continental Beauty College on Tuesday, 10/15, he has the red car. He last saw Melissa Friday at school. They have second period together. Jeff went deer hunting Friday night about 7:00 with uncles, came back late Sunday. 

Have talked to many more people than mentioned here. They all state that Melissa is not the type of person who would run away. She has very few, what we could consider real close friends. 

Melissa Smith Ted Bundy

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office Initial Report by Detective Ben Forbes
Offense Description: Criminal Homicide
Date of Occurrence: Oct. 27, 1974
Victim: Smith, Melissa

Offense: Body of a young white female American found on a hillside in the oak brush east of Summit Park subdivision in conditions which would tend investigating officers to believe that this is an obvious homicide.

Weapons used: One navy blue sock used for the purpose of strangulation; some type of blunt instrument, possibly a rock.

Victim’s Body Discovered: Discovered by Phillip D. Hughes. Crime reported by Mr. Hughes on 10/27/74 at approximately 2pm. 

Additional information: At approximately 4pm on 10/27 this reporting officer received a phone call from Sheriff Ron Robinson of Summit County informing me that he had a homicide on his hands and that the nude body of a young white female had been found on a hillside east of Summit Park subdivision by some deer hunters. At this time he requested my assistance at the scene. After I hung up the phone from talking to Sheriff Robinson, I called Captain Hayward’s residence and he had already been informed of the situation, and he himself was en route to the scene. We agreed to meet at the Skyline Cafe in the Summit Park division. When we arrived at the Skyline Cafe in Summit Park, we were met by Sheriff Robinson and some of his deputies and were led into the scene of the actual crime.

The crime scene will be as follows: The location of the crime scene is approximately due east of the Summit Park subdivision, bordering Timberline subdivision. The actual area of the crime scene itself is mainly predominated by fairly heavy scrub oak and interspersed small pine trees. In some fairly tall scrub oak is the body of a white female American, present age unknown, appears to be about 5’4-5’5 tall, approximately 110-115 pounds, auburn-reddish hair. Around the neck of the victim is a necklace made of wooden beads, mostly yellow interspersed with blue and red beads about every three inches around the necklace. Also around the neck of the victim is what appears to be a man’s navy blue knit sock, and this is tied behind the neck of the victim. The body is located on its stomach with the left arm completely folded underneath the body and the right arm extended and unfolded at a 90 degree angle and both legs bent at the knees.
There are heavy predominant abrasions over the left and right shoulder blades, and these extend down to almost the small of the back. There are also heavy abrasions on both buttocks and large scrape marks on both buttocks, with more abrasions on the left leg from the knee extending down approximately 8 inches towards the foot. On closer examination of the head of the victim, approximately 6 inches above the top vertebra is what appears to be a bullet wound of contact, approximately one-half inch by one inch, and this is circumference by powder burn of approximately one-eighth in diameter. There are what appears to be livermortis marks on the central part of the back, and as far as rigor mortis is concerned, the lower limbs are fairly rigid at this inspection, but the arms and hands are fairly limber. I would estimate the time of death anywhere from 30 to 36 hours.
We are proceeding now approximately 49 paces directly west of where the body was found. There is located a folding patio chair. 

Melissa Smith Ted Bundy body location map
September 1975 map overlaid with the approximate body discovery location.
From Rob Dielenberg’s Ted Bundy: A Visual Timeline

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office Report by Detective Ben Forbes
October 30, 1974
At approximately 9:30 p.m. on 10/27/74, this reporting officer met with Mr. & Mrs. Louis Smith, parents of the victim. This meeting took place at the Emergency Ward of the Hospital. The purpose of the meeting was to see if Mr. & Mrs. Smith could make a visual identification of the body. Mrs. Smith was left in the Emergency Ward while Mr. Lewis Smith accompanied myself and Sheriff Ron Robinson to the viewing room. Mr. Smith observed the body of the victim for several minutes and made the statement, “I think that’s my daughter, but I’m just not sure.” Chief Smith then observed the wood bead necklace that was still around the victim’s neck and stated this was very similar to the necklace that his daughter had owned but the one that his daughter had he thought had two strands of beads instead of the single strand, but he stated that his wife would probably be more able to identify the necklace than he would.

Since he was not able to give us a positive identification we called Dr. Garr J. Vincent and Dr. Clyde H. Coon, dentists. Mr. Smith informed us that both of those dentists had performed work on his daughter’s teeth. After Dr. Vincent and Dr. Coon had been contacted, they went to their offices and got their dental charts on Melissa Smith and met with us in the Autopsy Room at the Hospital and after examining the victim they both identified the dental work that they had done on Melissa Smith being identical with the dental work of the victim.

About the same time as this, Dr. Moore, Medical Examiner, had also discovered a small irregular brown-colored birth mark on the lower left back of the victim that had been previously described to us by Mrs. Smith. This birth mark was hard to see at first because of the multiple scrapes and abrasions covering almost the entire back of the victim.

The necklace was photographed while it was still around the neck of the victim by Dr. Moore, after which it was removed and shown to Mrs. Smith at which time she made positive identification of the necklace and stated that originally it did have two strands but that her daughter had cut one strand off, leaving a single strand. She further identified it by a brown thread, approximately 3/4″ long, which she said the price tag had once been attached to and that she herself had cut the price tag off but had forgotten to remove the brown thread. Therefore, it was with the combination of the birth mark, the necklace, and the dental work, and the visual identification that the identification of the body was made.

Melissa Smith Ted Bundy
Salt Lake City Tribune. October 29, 1974

Findings of the Medical Examiner Serge M. Moore, M.D., Chief Medical Examiner
Date and Hour of Postmortem Examination: 10/27/74 10:00PM

Death was Caused By:

How Injury Occurred: Beaten and strangled by assailant or assailants.
Found: Canyon area; Summit Park, Summit County, Utah

1. Contused laceration of scalp
2. Subgaleal hemorrhage of scalp 
3. Basilar skull fracture 
4. Epidural hemorrhage, bilateral 
5. Subdural hemorrhage, bilateral
6. Cortical contusions of brain 
7. Cerebral edema 
8. Lacerations of face 
9. Ligature mark of neck
10. Fracture of hyoid bone
11. Petechiae of sclerae and conjunctiva 
12. Petechiae of epiglottis 
13. Superficial lacerations of skin of right pectoral region of chest
14. Laceration of perineum
15. Abrasions of the skin of the chest, back, buttocks, upper and lower extremities 
16. Abrasions of skin of neck
17. Pulmonary edema 
18. Postprandial distention of stomach 
19. Solar hyperpigmentation of skin
20. Manual strangulation

GENERAL: The body is that of an unembalmed, well-developed, well-nourished, 17-year-old white female that measures 5’3 in length and weighs about 105 pounds. The body is presented to autopsy without any clothing. The body is partly covered by strands of twigs and leaves with caked dirt over the face, back, arms and around the axilla.

VISCERAL INJURIES: The visceral injuries are confined to the brain where there are numerous areas of cortical contusion involving predominantly the under surface of the frontal poles, the under surface of the frontal and temporal lobes bilaterally, the left temporal occipital area and the right occipital area.
Multiple sections of the brain reveal that the areas of contusion extend about 1/8″ into the cortex without other hemorrhages into the white matter. The amount of subdural hemorrhage is estimated to be between 150 to 200 cc of bright red unclotted blood. There is a small amount of epidural hemorrhage. There is an extensive area of subgaleal hemorrhage into the occipital region of the scalp at the site of the contused laceration.

NECK INJURIES: The neck shows a circular ligature mark that has an overall length of 12″ and has a width that varies from 3/8″ to 1/4”. It extends anteriorly below the level of the hyoid bone at the prominence of the cricoid cartilage and laterally to the mid third of the neck and posteriorly to the nape. A ligature is found in situ. It is composed of a necklace that is made of round beads of a light brown color with intervening blue, red and brighter yellow beads. Attached to it is a portion of dark blue cloth resembling a stocking to which several fragments of hair of similar color, appearance and consistency to that of the deceased are found woven into the knot.
There is a complete transverse fracture of the left ala of the hyoid at the mid third with considerable peripheral hemorrhage and extension of the hemorrhage to the strap muscles of the neck.

GENITALIA: There is slight swelling of the right labia majora. The labia minors reveals a small area of hemorrhage near the lower third of the vaginal introitus next to the area of laceration previously mentioned. The hymen membrane is non-virginal. The vaginal canal contains a mixture of opaque light yellow to white mucoid material and numerous strands of dirt and what appears to be twigs. The anal ring is not dilated. There are no lacerations, contusions, excoriations or ecchymoses of the anal ring. The inner aspect of the left thigh is slightly abraded and light red.

BODY WEIGHT: 105 pounds 
SCALP HAIR: Medium brown hair tinted to a light blond.
EYEBROWS: The eyebrows are penciled in.
EYES: Hazel.
FINGERNAILS: The fingernails are long, well kept, sharp and covered with a light red lacquer.
SKIN: There is light brown solar hyperpigmentation of the skin except around the breast area, lower abdomen, pubic area and buttocks in an outline of a “bikini swimsuit”.
BLOOD TYPE: “A” Positive.

DISTRIBUTION OF LIVOR MORTIS: There is considerable red-purple livor mortis posteriorly extending from the scapular regions to the lumbar regions and in the posterior aspect of both thighs and the right buttock.

EXTERNAL EXAMINATION: The head is symmetric. The scalp is covered by medium length light brown tinted blond hair. The face reveals no other deformities. The conjunctiva reveal petechiae as well as the sclerae. The irides are hazel. The pupils are equally dilated. The nose reveals no abnormality. The mouth reveals teeth in good state of repair. A small piece of chewing gum is found in the mouth. A dental chart is prepared. The tongue is not remarkable. The neck has been described. The injuries have been described.

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: The salivary glands are not examined. The esophagus has a pale uniform mucosa. The stomach is distended and contains about 150 cc of opaque light tan to light yellow fluid without identifiable food fragments or medications.

Vaginal, anal and oral smears are taken and submitted for acid phosphatase determination as well as microscopic examination for sperm. The H and E stain of the vaginal smears reveal desquamated epithelial cells with numerous bacteria and amorphous fragments of deep basophilic material. These cannot be definitely defined as spermatozoa. The result of the acid phosphatase determination in: oral 15 units, vaginal 85 units and anal 50 units.
Toxicology determination for antihistamines, barbituates, and alcohol is negative. Carboxyhemoglobin level is less than 10%.

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office Report by Detective Ben Forbes
October 30, 1974
At approximately midnight on 10-27-74, the autopsy on the body of the victim Melissa Smith was begun and performed by Dr. Serge Moore, the State Medical Examiner. The body was received by him as was found in a nude condition with the exception of the single strand of beige-yellow beads around her neck and one navy blue what appears to be a knee-length stocking, which had been tied around the victim’s neck and knotted at the back and used for the purpose of strangulation.

The external signs of injuries were as follows: At the back of the head, almost in the center is a gaping wound through the scalp to the skull. This wound is approximately one-half inch wide and it is approximately one inch long. On the left side of the cheek there is a puncture wound approximately one-quarter inch in circumference and penetrating into the side of the face approximately one-half inch.

The front of the body shows not too much sign of injury other than a bruise in the area of the right hip and on the left side from the toe extending up in the area of the abdomen are what appear to be the bites of insects.

On the back on both sides of each shoulder blades extending down to about the waist line are heavy abrasions, which in Dr. Moore’s opinion are probably post mortem. In the small of the back and over the buttocks are also heavy abrasions, and they appear to have been done before death. These abrasions run the full length of the buttocks, and in the case of the right side, run down to about mid-thigh. There are further abrasions around the knee extending approximately 3 inches below the knee on the right leg.

There is also a small bruise on the left wrist, and it should be noted that although most of the body has pieces of dirt adhering to it, that both the soles of the feet are exceptionally clean with the exception of a small amount of dirt on the right heel.

At this time during the autopsy, the stocking around the neck of the victim was cut off, and it is observed that the stocking is a navy blue knit material with a ribbed elastic top approximately 2 1/2 inches long. The knot tied at the back of the neck appears to be just a double granny knot, and several of the victim’s head hairs are interwoven through the knot.
On the right cheekbone there are two separate and distinct lacerations, each one running approximately 2 inches long. Also above the right breast there are two small abrasions that start out fairly mild with a reddish discoloration, which run from the breast towards the sternum. Their length is approximately 2 1/2 inches, and the color deepens towards the end of the abrasion to a deep purplish-black. 

Internal signs of injury: The gaping wound previously described in the back of the head goes through the scalp to the bone of the skull but does not make penetration through the skull but does cause skull fracture and brain hemorrhage. In the throat area there are also signs of hemorrhage due to the strangulation. No bones in any of the limbs or the ribs appear to be broken. It should be noted at this time that the stomach was also full, the contents of which appear to be not made up of any solid-type food, but more of a variety of milkshakes or similar-type milk fluid.

Taken as evidence during the autopsy are the following listed items:
l – One navy blue sock with the knot intact.
2- Samples of a variety of twigs, shrubs, and leaves that were entwined in the victim’s hair.
3- One black comb used to comb the pubic hair of victim.
4- A sample of dirt and two small black hairs from the abdomen of victim.
5- A sample of dirt from the right buttock of the victim.
6- A sample of the victim’s pubic hair.
7- A sample of dirt from the left hip of the victim.
8- A sample of dirt from the left buttock of the victim.
9- A wad of what appears to be chewing gum or bubble gum removed from the victim’s mouth.
10- A sample of dirt from the back of the victim.
11- A sample of dirt from the right heel of the victim.
12- A necklace made of wooden beads, which are mostly yellowish in color and interspersed with red and green beads every two to three inches.
13- A sample of the victim’s pubic hair.
14- A sample of the victim’s head hair.
15- Fingernails from the victim’s right hand.
16- Fingernails from the victim’s left hand.
17- Toenails from the victim’s right foot.
18- Toenails from the victim’s left foot.

All of the above items were turned over to Sheriff Ron Robinson, who in turn gave them to this officer to be retained as evidence in this case.

Melissa Smith Ted Bundy
Salt Lake Tribune, October 31, 1974

Follow-Up Report by Sgt. Ben Forbes
November 7, 1974
The results of the toxicology test conducted on the victim, Melissa Smith, are now complete, and the results of some of the tests are as follows: 
Number 1— as noted in the follow-up report on the autopsy, there was a question that carbon monoxide may have been present in the body. The toxicology examination shows that there was no carbon monoxide present.
Number 2— there is almost zero hemoglobin count and Dr. Moore informs this officer that possibly as much as ten pints of blood had drained from the body to get such a low hemoglobin count.
Number 3— there was sperm found in the vagina and the acid phosphate tests conducted show a unit count of 85 in the vagina, 50 in the rectum, and 35 in the mouth.
Number 4— blood alcohol test shows negative.
Number 5— tests for any drugs shows negative. It should be noted here that information from the parents of Melissa Smith indicate that she was taking Dristan and Contac for a cold that she had. There was no sign of either of those two drugs present, and Dr. Moore informs me that this could have all dissipated from the body had she not taken it in the last 72 hours prior to her death. 
On the afternoon of November 6, 1974, Detective Couch and this reporting officer met with Dr. Moore in his office, where he turned over to this reporting officer the vaginal swabs, rectal swabs, and swabs of the mouth that he had taken, and these will be forwarded to the FBI in an attempt to determine the blood type from the sperm present, especially in the vaginal swab.

Melissa Smith Ted Bundy funeral memorial program
Melissa Smith’s Funeral Program. October 30, 1974. Courtesy Rob Dielenberg

Case # 74-59463
This will be interviews with several students at the Hillcrest High School and also students at the Continental Beauty College on 5600 South 9th East. All these interviews were conducted by Detective Ben Forbes and Detective Jerry Thompson of the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Bernadette B.
She is employed at the Continental Beauty College. Bernadette informed us she did not know the victim real well, however she had her to her house on a party. She believes that the party was the first Friday night in October. It was held at her home. Present was her husband.
She states that Melissa was also there and numerous other people which she states she gave a list to Detective Strebel of all that she could recall that was at the party. She stated that there was alcohol at the party but other than that there was nothing else.
She stated that Melissa came alone, however Melissa was dancing with Mike C. and went outside and came in about a half hour later with twigs etc. in her hair with a boy by the name of Mike C. She states that he is approximately 22 years of age, but she does not know where he lives or where he works, but states that he hangs out at the Speed Equipment Shop in Murray. She states that Melissa was also talking to another boy at the party by the name of Bob. She states that she does not know his last name. But all the kids nickname him and call him “can of string beans.” She states he works at the Conoco Station in Murray on 5900 South State St.
She was asked if she has ever put up Melissa’s hair or who would do it. She stated that she never has and the only two that she is aware of that would do her hair is Julie R. or Mindy M. She states that they were very close friends and would know a lot more about Melissa than her. Bernadette also states that Melissa stayed there at her house with her that night and the next morning she drove Melissa to her home.
Bernadette was asked when the last time that she saw Melissa or if she knew of anyone else that saw Melissa after the 18th of October. She stated that this was the last time she seen her was there at the school. She had no idea what she was going to do that night as Melissa did not talk to her that much. She stated that she wasn’t that close of a friend and Melissa never did discuss any of her boyfriends or anything like that to her.
She was asked if she had heard from any of the girls or anyone in the Beauty Shop, if they had been hiding Melissa out for 2 or 3 days or something. Or if she had heard that she had run away from home or what the comment was. She stated that the comment was that she had not run away. The girls literally did not have any idea however the ones that were close to her did not believe that she ran away.
She was asked if she thought that any of the girls or anyone that knew Melissa was holding back any information from us in regards to this case. She stated that they may have before she was found murdered, “but now I would say no way. Everyone wants to find the individual.” She states, “I don’t believe anyone could be holding back.”
This individual did not appear to be nervous in any way even under pressure and after being talked to for sometime by Detective Forbes and myself. She appeared to these officers as being one that is trying to help and not holding back information.

Julie R., 1975

Julie R. 
Julie is a Senior at Hillcrest High School and also a student at Continental Beauty College. She is also employed at the Pizza place in Midvale. She is also supposedly Melissa Smith’s closest girlfriend. This will be the second interview with Julie, this one was at the Beauty College away from her parents.
She changed her story somewhat from the first interview that was held in the Metropolitan Hall of Justice with her father present. To the extent that her and Melissa would go to J.B.’s in Murray on several occasions and drink coffee where she would not state this before. She also stated that she and Melissa have smoked pot before. She also admitted that $10.00 which Melissa supposedly had home in her purse was given to Melissa by her, so that they could buy a lid of marijuana. She states that they were not going to buy it on Friday the 18th and that they had no particular time in mind when they were going to get it.
She stated that it was somewhere around 9:00 PM when she called Melissa at home, asking her to come over to the Pizza place and talk to her as she had had a fight or words with one of her girlfriends in regards to one of the boys that she goes with, and that she wanted to talk to somebody. She stated that Melissa came over there shortly after 9 or around 9:30 and talked to her for a little while. Present at the Pizza place was another girl by the name of Cindy H. She states that from talking to Melissa she was upset with Mindy M. because Melissa was going to stay over at her house on this particular night, but Melissa had been unable to get ahold of Mindy on the phone. She had apparently gone out with someone else, and Melissa was very upset over this.
She states that when Melissa left there at approximately 9:30 or between there and 10:00 she assumed that she was going home. As they talked about going down to J.B.’s and getting a cup of coffee when Julie got off work at midnight. However she stated that when midnight comes she didn’t have the car because someone came and picked her up and dropped her home. So she didn’t call and tell Melissa to tell her to come on over.
She stated that she called the next morning Saturday, to talk to Melissa when her mother had informed her that she had not come home. Julie states that she has known her for a long time and believes that Melissa would have run away from home. She stated that she was a girl that would sit down and talk out her problems with her. She stated that there were times that she was thinking of running away and Melissa talked her out of this. She stated she definitely did have some problems at home, where her and her dad did not agree on some of her friends. 
Julie was shown the photograph we have of Melissa, and asked her if her hair was that way when she left the Pizza place on Friday night. She stated roughly it was. That maybe it was just a little bit shorter but that she couldn’t say for sure but it looked the same to her. She was asked about the color of her hair, if it was any different and she stated not that she noticed. She stated that Melissa wore a lot of makeup around her eyes but other than that she didn’t wear too much.
She stated that Melissa was wearing to the best of her knowledge some blue levis, and a flowered blouse. The blouse was a dark blue in color with small flowers in it. She did not have her purse nor did she have any money or anything with her at this time. Melissa was the type of girl that never borrowed other girls’ clothing, makeup or anything. The only one that she would take from was her sister Jolene. 
She was asked about the party at Bernie’s house and she stated that she never went but Melissa did. Melissa didn’t state too much about the party and just said that they had a good time and that there was alcohol there. She stated that Bernie didn’t know Melissa that well and she didn’t believe that Bernie would know too much about Melissa. That that was the only night she had ever gone out with her to her knowledge.
She was asked if Melissa or her had ever thumbed a ride. She stated “Yes, on occasions if there was no other way to get where they were going.” She was also asked if Melissa would get in with a stranger, if she was afraid of people. She stated “I don’t believe she was afraid of anyone. I could not answer for sure whether she would get in or not.” If she knew the individual or he appeared to appeal to her and appeared friendly she might but she didn’t know.
She was also asked if she knew anything about sex life. She stated to her knowledge Melissa was still a virgin and that she would not give in all the way with any boy regardless of what. She stated that Melissa was closer to her than to her own mother. She stated the only other person that she would be real close with was her sister, Jolene. But other than that no matter what came up, problems at home or school, boys or anything, they always discussed them together. She states that she has not heard from her nor did she see her since she left the Pizza place on the 18th at about 9:30 PM.

Lori C., 1975

Lori C.
Lori was contacted at her home by Detective Forbes and myself. Her mother and her sister were present. She informed us that she knew Melissa and her sister Jolene and that the last time she saw them, or talked to her was Thursday night. She stated that she picked her up on State Street somewhere around 7600 South and gave her and her sister a ride down to J.B.’s in Murray.
She stated that there was a boy standing and talking to them by the name of Dallas C., which also got in with her but he didn’t get out with the two girls at J.B.’s. She was asked if she was positive if that was her sister that was with her. She stated “Yes, and that it was Thursday night.”
She stated “I know this for sure, as the following night Friday the 18th, I had a date with a boy and we were going North on State from 7800 South and she observed Melissa alone, thumbing a ride. It was somewhere around 9:30 between there and 10:00 as her boyfriend had picked her up at 9:30 and they had just left from her home.
She states that she was positive that it was Melissa, and that she was walking along State Street, thumbing a ride. She was asked if she could describe what she had on. She stated the only thing that I can remember is that she had on dark blue levis, and she thought she had on a blue kind of like parka or windbreaker or something to this affect but was not sure.
Lori stated that she did not know too many of Melissa’s friends but she did hang out an awful lot with her sister, Jolene and a girl by the name of Julie R., was possibly her closest friend. She stated that she did not have too much to do with her. That a year or two ago they had gone to a Youth Conference up in the Logan area, and that during the evening hours Melissa would take off with some boys. She stated that one particular evening she went with some negro boys and that the next day when she came back or during then night, she observed monkey bites and bites all over Melissa’s neck and around the face area. She stated that from that time on she has had her doubts about Melissa. Her mother also confirmed this story of her daughter coming home and telling her about this. She stated that what she knew of Melissa that this was kind of a shock to her also.
Lori states other than that she doesn’t know her boyfriends, she doesn’t know that much about Melissa. She states that she does know from the talk and individuals around that she has smoked pot and messed around with kids like this.
Lori and her mother were highly concerned about this information getting back to Mr. Smith or the family or anyone like this, as they did not wish to cause problems or did not want them to think that they were running their daughter down. It took a little while for us to get this information from them as they were reluctant due to the fact that they did not wish to cause problems at the Smith family.
Lori again stated to me and Detective Forbes that she was positive that it was Melissa thumbing a ride on October the 18th, Friday evening between 9:30 and 10:00 on State Street, somewhere around the Safeway Store North of 7800 South. She stated that this was the last time that she saw Melissa. She has not heard anything from any of the youngsters around school that have. She believes that if any of the youngsters would have heard of anything, now that she has been murdered, that they surely let somebody know.
This individual will not be able to be interviewed again for about two weeks as she is leaving for Paris France for a vacation with her parents.

Judy T., 1975

Judy T.
This will be the second interview with Judy. This one at the Hillcrest High School by Detective Forbes and myself.
She was again questioned about her further statement that she saw Melissa on the night of the 18th, down at the J. B.’s restaurant in Murray. She stated that she does not know Melissa real well, just enough to say hi to her and speak to her. She states that she was down to J. B.’s on the 18th, at 10:30 PM (Positive on the time, as that is when her boyfriend was supposed to meet her there.) She stated that Melissa came in to J. B.’s and she walked in the door and at the same time another girl came in. She does not know if this girl was with Melissa or not. She describes the other girl as about 5’5”, a small build, having long hair clear to her waist, dark brown in color. She thought that she was a very attractive girl.
She stated Melissa came in and went down by the cigarette machine. She did not see her buy cigarettes from the machine but the next thing she observed her walking back through J. B.’s and going out the door. She observed a package of Marlboro cigarettes in her hand.
She also states that just after Melissa came in, that she observed a car parked out in front of J. B.’s in the NO PARKING zone, with an individual sitting in it wearing a cowboy hat. She stated that every time she parked in the NO PARKING zone or anyone else in front of J. B.’s that the Murray Police seem to always be there and they always got a ticket. They commented, how come this guy was so lucky. She stated that he was only there for a short time. She does not know if Melissa got out of this car but as Melissa came in, she observed this car outside.
She stated then Melissa left and went out, she did not go out with the girl that came in the door with her. She does not know whether the girl came with Melissa or not. She states, that she did not see Melissa get into this car, however after she left, the car drove away. She states that the only thing she could tell about the car is that it was dark blue in color and that it was a 4 door, and that it was a Ford product. She states that it was something like the Torino, it was not a big car like a LTD or something in this line. She stated that it sounded like it had glass packs, not a bad muffler but kind of a loud pipe when it took off.
She stated they commented about the guy being a cowboy with a cowboy hat on and as he drove away they noticed the license plate on the back had a yellow horse on it. So she knew that as an out of state license plate. The only one that she could think of with a yellow horse was Wyoming. She states that Melissa was wearing at this time levis, kind of blue ones possibly a little flare at the bottom, The type that most of the girls wear, and a shirt that’s flowered, kind of a dark color with small flowers in it. She said she thought it was kind of a knit material or one that kind of slips over your head but was not sure.
She was asked if she knew Jayleen B. who was supposedly working at the J. B.’s that night and she stated “I do, I don’t have nothing to do with her because she is a habitual liar.” She states “I understand that she believes she’s pregnant and that she deals real heavy in drugs and has been involved in a lot of problems.” She stated that she was not popular and would “do anything to get attention from anyone at the school.”
Checking a little bit of the background of the witness of Judy, the vice principal at the school, the counselors etc, seem to think that she is a very good student and has a great personality and would be as reliable as any student in the school. From my experience with the individual I have been working on a case with her about a month prior to this in regards to an individual that had been following home from work and from school. From my observation from those cases before this came up, she was a very observant girl, very cooperative and was almost exactly on her description of the vehicle and the car that had been following her.
Asking Judy how long Melissa stayed in J.B.’s she said that it would be 5 minutes at the outside, and that she definitely walked out of the door alone. She states maybe 20 minutes or so later she observed this other girl walk out by herself, the one that came in the door with Melissa. She states that she does not know her and she has never seen her before.
She stated that she remembered one thing, that a boy who lived diagonally across the street from her by the name of Lloyd R. on has gone out with Melissa or wanted to go out with her. She has talked to him a few times and he has mentioned Melissa. She does believe that she has gone out with him, but she is not sure.

Jolene Smith (Sister of victim, Melissa Smith)
Interviewed at Hillcrest High School by Detective Forbes and myself, the vice principal Mr. World present, having first her father’s permission Chief Smith.
When Jolene entered the room at the school she was very antagonistic, very nasty towards us. She was asked if she could help us in regards to the murder of her sister with some information of her friends and etc., and her comment was “I don’t know what I can do for you. I’ve told dad everything, I’m tired of all this Bull Shit that’s going around.” I then asked her what she meant by this comment and she stated that all the stories and stuff that were going around school that were not true. I informed her that I knew there were a lot of stories like this and that it was too bad, but we were not here to cause problems or to start more stories, or rumors that had been going around.
I told her that we needed information about her sister and that she to our knowledge was very close to her sister. She she stated that she knew everything that her sister done. Going back to the last time that Jolene seen her sister was on October the 18th, at approximately 9:00. She stated that Melissa was very very upset because she was going to stay over night with a friend of hers Mindy M., and that Mindy had stood her up so to speak, as she was not home and Melissa couldn’t find her. She stated that Melissa gets very upset if people stand her up.
She stated that Melissa was also mad at her because she wanted to do some typing down stairs and wouldn’t go with her. She stated that her and her sister have arguments occasionally and it was nothing out of the ordinary. She stated that Julie R. had called her on the phone and wanted her to come over and talk to her at the Pizza Hut as Julie had some kind of problem with a boy friend and wanted her to go with her. She stated that she went downstairs to do some typing and she heard the door slam and Melissa left.
Having asked her for a description of what Melissa was wearing at this time she stated that she was wearing a pair of hip hugger denim dark blue pants, which is the brand name of Fox Moor and has a little fox on the pockets in the back. The two pockets are V-Shaped. She states that she has an identical pair of these over at her home. She states that she was wearing a blouse she believes that is like knit material, slip over type with kind of a V-Neck short sleeves, dark blue in color with small or tiny flowers in it. Different colors some of them pink and some of them red. She was asked if Melissa was wearing the dark blue so called Police Shirt, and she said, “She wasn’t wearing it when I was upstairs, she has worn it on occasions and we can ‘t find it at home so we assume that she must have taken with her.”
She was asked her opinion of what she thought may have happened to her sister and she said, I believe that she left the Pizza place and went out “boogie’n;” and that was her comment “boogie’n,” until about midnight. “Someone must have picked her up and ripped her off, and that’s the only thing I can think of.” 
In all 11 my years as being a Police Officer I have never talked to an individual that had an attitude like this young girl did after just having her sister brutally murdered. She was asked if her or Melissa had ever thumbed and she stated “No, no way.” I then asked her if she was not down at J.B.’s Thursday night with her sister, and she said no. I asked her, didn’t some girl pick you up and some guys when you were thumbing and take you to J.B.’s? And she almost bit my head off. When she came back down she stated “That was Wednesday night, we weren’t thumbing and Dallas C. and Lori C. did pick us up and drop down there, however Dallas went on with them.”
She was asked from the picture of Melissa that we have, if her hair was different that night? And she stated “I don’t think so, but with her hair being put up that her hair seemed to be quite a bit shorter than in the picture when it’s curled up.” She was asked to describe the color of her hair and she said that it was almost the same as hers. Which this deputy would describe as a dishwater blonde. She stated that Melissa had had it streaked or frosted so to speak a little bit. I asked her if it ever appeared red to her, or tinted and she says “Depending on the type of light you got into it might.” But she never did tint her hair to her knowledge. And she had heard rumors at school that her sister had had her hair cut and she said that this was impossible, no way would her sister have her hair cut.
Detective Forbes asked her if she knew anything about her sister’s sex life and again she bit our head off. After getting her calmed down, she stated “My sister’s ambition in life was to become and stay a virgin until she got married kind of stuff.”
She did not believe in that she was asked if she thought that any of the girls or anyone was holding back any information at this time? She stated “No, I don’t believe any of them would now, they may have before she was found but I’m positive they wouldn’t now.”
She was asked if her sister used pot and she stated “Yes, at times occasionally, she had used it and that may be several years ago she tried some speed. But she didn’t like it and didn’t take anymore. She stated that she also told her dad about this.
She was asked if she would give us some names of her boy friends and girl friends and she stated “You’ve got to be kidding, she had so many of them I don’t know them all and besides that you’ve probably talked to them all.” I told her to try me and name me some boy friends and she stated she knew of one boy by the name of Steve M. who went to Cottonwood High School Melissa had mentioned once and awhile but she did not know anything else about him. She also mentioned a kid by the name of Bill M. who lived in Salt Lake and stated that she didn’t know nothing about him either. She stated that she did mention a Butch V., but she can’t remember what she mentioned about him. That she had met him and talked to him at the party at Bernadettes two or three weeks ago, other than that she mentioned Bernadettes brother by the name of Joe. But she didn’t recall what she mentioned about it. She stated to her knowledge the boy she really liked was Mark B. And the only thing she knew was that he was now driving a ’73 bright orange Deman.
She was asked if Melissa had ever gone in to any bars or mentioned them. She said “I’m sure she has never been in one, but some nights she has talked and made comment about, we ought to go to the bar. She said it is spelled BARR. She says that she does not know where it is but that Mellisa had mentioned that a whole lot of the kids hang out and that one of these nights we ought to go to there. She said she was sure that she hasn’t been there and I don’t know where it is.
She also stated that she did not believe that Melissa had run away, because Melissa would have called her or made contact some where along the line with her, informing her of what she was doing and etc. Also that Melissa never left the home without her purse, makeup etc. and that she had left it at home and she is sure that she had intentions of returning home, just running over to the Pizza Hut and coming right back, because she never went anywhere without it.
She was asked about the makeup, where she could get it and she said, I don’t have any idea, she could get it from anyone I guess but she never borrowed things.

Hillcrest High School Utah Melissa Smith
Hillcrest High School in Midvale, 1975

Follow-Up Report by Detective Jerry Thompson
January 9, 1975

This officer was contacted by a Mr. Bill Roderick by telephone, who stated that a relation of his was in his office by the name of Randy Roderick, came into his office and stated that he had to talk to the father of the girl that had been killed, that he had some very important information and he needed to talk to someone desperately about it. He stated he informed him that Chief Smith’s Office was just down the street and to go on down and talk to him as he was the father of the girl. He stated the boy seemed to be very upset, either high on drugs or intoxicated. He did not know which. I in turn called Chief Smith on the phone and informed him that this individual was coming down to talk to him about the situation, and if there was anything that came from it would he please get ahold of me.
I was contacted later by Chief Smith and given the information that the individual that came to see him was a Randy Roderick who resided in Salt Lake and was employed 18 miles west of Green River, Wyoming. Chief Smith stated the individual told him that he was the chief suspect in the murder of his daughter and that the police had been watching him for some time, but it wasn’t true, he was not the suspect, that he was being framed by a man by the name of Darrell who works for the same company as he does. The only information he could give Chief Smith about the individual was that his first name is Darrell, and had what he called cold eyes. He also related to Chief Smith that the individual had told him that Melissa had been cut open and was stuffed with beer cans, etc., inside her. He also informed Chief Smith that this individual’s, by the name of Darrell, fingerprints would be on Melissa’s body if we would check for him.
Chief Smith states that the individual was definitely on drugs or was a mental patient, that he has never seen anything like him in his life, however, he was highly concerned over the information the individual had. Chief Smith asked me was it true that his daughter had been cut open and stuffed with beer cans. He was informed that that was a very vicious rumor, it started way back from somebody I don’t know, there is no truth to it whatsoever. He was informed that if he wanted to be positive himself and not take the word of this officer, that I would show him the photos if he wanted to see them. He stated no, “I told you before, I cannot look at it.” I again assured him that this was a very vicious rumor. I informed Chief Smith that I would try to get back with this individual and take a full statement from him and see just what was on his mind.
This officer contacted Randy Roderick’s mother at her home in an attempt to locate him. I was informed by this mother that the boy was in very bad need of some help, that apparently he was a heavy user of drugs, and they were attempting to get him some help. She stated that she would not believe very much of anything of what he said that he has been fantasizing on many different things like this of what he gets out of the paper and makes a big deal out of. She stated we would not be able to talk to him for some time. However, if there was anything they could do to help us they would be more than happy to. She was informed a little bit of the story that her son had told Chief Smith, and she stated, “You can’t believe the boy. He is really in deep need of mental help.”

Mike C., 1971

Follow-Up Report by Detective Jerry Thompson
January 29, 1975

Michael C. came into my office and was interviewed by Detective Forbes and myself.
He was questioned in regards to him possibly having known both homicide victims, Laura Aime and Melissa Smith. He states that he met the Aime victim down at the turkey farm in Utah County. He states he was working there at the same time as she was. This was back in 1973. He states he never went out with her and did not know her very well and has not seen her since that time. He remembers her as always playing tricks on other workers like throwing insides of turkeys on people or putting them in lunches. No one wanted to work around her. He met the Smith girl at a party in Draper, which is on a previous statement of his. To his knowledge, the two girls never knew one another.

Melissa Smith Ted Bundy Mike Fisher notes
Mike Fisher’s Notes on Melissa Smith, March 1975

Follow-Up Report by Detective Jerry Thompson
April 2, 1975

Numerous telephone conversations have been made between this detective, several detectives from the Colorado area, Seattle, Washington area, and officers in the State of California, in regards to the murders of the girls in their areas. 
On 3-27-75 Mike Fisher, from the District Attorney’s Office in Aspen Colorado and a Detective Sgt. Bill Baldridge, from Aspen County Sheriff’s Office in Aspen, Colorado, arrived in Salt lake City. They brought over with them copies of their reports and pictures of the latest female that had been missing in the Aspen area and later found. Her name is Caryn Campbell. She turned up missing on January 12, 1975, at approximately 8:00 p.m. from Aspen, Colorado, at a ski resort.
This case, the two homicide cases in the Utah area Smith and Aime, along with Sandra Weaver who was found in Grand Junction, Colorado and Debra Kent who is still missing from the Bountiful area, were all reviewed by this detective and these officers. A meeting was then set up with Dr. Moore, the Medical Examiner, and Bob Simkins, his assistant, to where all the autopsy photos, etc. were shown and examined by the doctor, the two individuals from Colorado, myself, and Detective Forbes. It was the general opinion of everyone there at the meeting that this victim, Caryn Campbell, is very similar in nature to the other three individuals we have been talking about. It was unknown if this victim was strangled, as her neck, head area, and part of her chest had been chewed up by animals in the area. He was unable to give the exact cause of death due to this.
As stated before, in going over their reports and information, there is a definite similarity between the two girls from Colorado and the two girls in the Salt Lake area. A copy of the five girls’ pictures was put together and one large picture was made of them to show the profile of the similarity of the five girls. It appears that all five girls look very much alike, having long brown hair parted in the middle. This falls true with contacting the California authorities in regards to the unsolved murders they have had down there over the past few years.
Contact was made with a Dave Struve, who is with the California Department of Justice. He is the project analyst for the Criminal Intelligence Branch of this department. This individual has compiled a booklet of all of the girls in the California area, along with the Washington and Oregon girls, with a brief summary of each girl, their findings, and their pictures. It is the opinion of this individual and the ones working the cases in that area that the fourteen unsolved cases in the California area and eight in the Washington-Oregon area are definitely very similar in nature, and it is very possible they were committed by the same individual. From reviewing their reports, theirs are almost exactly the same as we have in the Salt Lake area and the Colorado area. 
Bill Baldridge from the Aspen County Sheriff’s Office also gave this detective a picture of the rap sheet of a [redacted]. This subject was observed in the Aspen, Colorado area at the Wildwood Inn where their last victim turned up missing from. He was working there as a maid or dishwasher. The individual had been reported as giving the girls a bad time over there, very foul-mouthed individual, and was observed at one time believed to be talking to the victim, Caryn Campbell. The very next day he quit and left the area, and has not been located since. They claim they contacted the Seattle, Washington authorities in regards to this individual. They are checking him out in that area. The individual appears to have been arrested numerous times for Possession of Narcotics, several Indecent Exposure charges, some of them in Florida and some in Seattle. They are attempting to locate this individual and question him. When the individual is located, they will contact me immediately and keep me advised of the situation.
This case is still active, and all information coming in will be relayed immediately to the other agencies involved.

Statement of Jolene Smith
April 4, 1975

This will be a statement taken April the 4th, 1975, 9th floor, Metropolitan Hall of Justice, from JOLENE SMITH, the sister of Melissa Smith. Present during the interview are Captain Hayward and Detective Jerry Thompson.

Q: (Detective Capt. Hayward) The first thing I want to go over with you, Jolene, is the fact that I don’t know how this registered as far as you and as far as serious, and I’m sure you’ve got some deep seated feelings towards this. Just the same as I would have if it was one of my daughters. I have daughters your same age, that go to high school, go to junior high school, I know how close they are. I know they tell me things, I know they don’t tell me things. I expect that. Understand what I mean?

A: Um hm.

Q: But now, when a situation like this happens, we’ve got to throw everything else out the window. We want to get one thing clear, and that’s that we want to get this guy, and do what we have to do with him to get this thing resolved. I read over your statement there, and some of this you gave in the last, and I see where you got a little out of patience with the officers in saying some of the things, and I’m sure that probably you have a reason for doing it. But I want to make another thing clear to you, we haven’t put out anything about Melissa’s background that we have found or anything else that would discredit her in any way; what she did, what you did is your own business and so forth, you understand that?

A: Um hm.

Q: And what is told us here today by you about any of your activities is going to go no farther than right here, unless it leads you to other parts of our investigation that we’ve got to use to apprehend this guy. I’ve known you for many, many years, in fact I remember the last time I saw you, you were about a foot long, about that long, and I also know Melissa, so I’ve got a little personal insight into this, you understand that, Jolene?

A: Um hm.

Q: So, the thing we’re really concerned about is the fact that, the way Melissa was, when we found Melissa, the way she appeared to us and the make-up she had on and her hair she styled; and the fingernail polish she had; there’s one thing I wanted to ask you, the night that you, the last time you saw her, how did her fingernails and that appear to you that night?

A: Well, she just fixed ’em, she was fixin ‘em.

Q: Fixing them all the time?

A: Yeah.

Q: And manicures them, files them, and so forth, is that right?

A: Yeah.

Q: Okay, now this is the one thing about it, when we found Melissa her fingers were very well groomed, the polish was good, the filing, they were sharpened you know, very well. Now it seems to me by watching my own daughters that after a  couple of days that stuff usually starts peeling off or they scratch them something. Now it appeared to me from just looking at Melissa’s fingers, they had just been recently done. There wasn’t—

A: She did ’em that night.

Q: That night?

A: Um hm.

Q: Okay, that would have been on the 18th of October, and we found her what, the 27th, meaning that there was a period of time that that stuff would have to have been replaced or put on. Right?

A: I guess.

Q: Now the second thing is that her make-up, now she had to have— I don’ t know what you call it, that eye, eye shadow on her eyes here, is that what you call it, that green—

A: She had green on?

Q: Yeah it was green as I remember.

Q: (Detective Thompson) Well it appeared to be green anyway, kind of a green, I don’t know, you may call it.

Q: (Capt. Hayward) Yeah, appeared to be green.

A: She wore, she wore blue, you know, so— 

Q: Well now this could have been blue, but is was, it was just freshly put on. Now that stuff has to be put on everyday just about, right?

A: Yeah.

Q: Now this was freshly put on her eyes, because I noticed that the minute I got up there. Now, what I’m getting at, Jolene, is the fact that some place she had access to somebody that had make-up and would let her use it, you see what I’m getting at? So some place she had to be where somebody had some women’s make-up. If she was being held against her will or whether she was staying with somebody, she still had to have had access to that make-up, because of the period of time from the time she disappeared to the time we found her, she had to be some place for about five or six days where she was still alive.

A: Well, I know she didn’t run away, because— 

Q: Well no, I’m not saying that, now I’m saying that whoever maybe, whoever had her could have been holding her, but still somebody had to have her where she had access to this make-up. Now, her hair, now she wore her hair a lot like you do, right?

A: Yeah.

Q: And her hair was just about that color, as I remember from years back.

A: It was a little darker.

Q: A little darker then.

A: It was brown. 

Q: Well yeah, but her, now when we found her, her hair seemed to be kind of a tint, a reddish, light reddish-brown tint to it, and it seemed to be quite curly. Now when she left the night of the 18th, how was her hair?

A: Well, okay, it was kinda dark before, you know, not real dark but it was brown, but she had it streaked, so it was about the color of mine or possibly lighter; okay, and ah, she had a permanent in it, and when it got wet it would frizz out, you know, it’d go really curly. 

Q: It would go curly huh?

A: Yeah, because she just had a permanent.

Q: How long, well yeah, that’s, that’s the thing that did appear to me, that she had, did have a permanent in it, so that’s probably what maybe it was.

Q: (Detective Thompson) So, we’ve got to come up with this answer. Now if you’ve got a suggestion, we’d like to hear it.

A: Well, if someone gave her the opportunity to fix herself up, she’d take it.

Q: (Capt. Hayward) She would?

A: ‘Cuz she was, you know, she liked to look good.

Q: Right, that’s what I understand.

A: So if, you know, if this guy that was holding her, if he gave her the chance to look good, she’d take it.

Q: Now let me ask you this, this girl in Draper— 

Q: (Detective Thompson) Bernie, you know who I mean?

A: Oh, yes.

Q: (Capt. Hayward) Alright now, is she a beautician?

A: She was, but I think she dropped out, maybe she’s still going, yeah, she was going to the school, yeah.

Q: Alright, now let me ask you this also, what about this girl who Melissa was going to stay with that night, and then happened not to be there or something?

A: Mindy.

Q: Mindy, right. What was her last name?

A: [M.]

Q: Mindy M. Does she live in the Midvale area?

A: She lives in Murray.

Q: In Murray. Alright now, have you talked to her since this happened, have you talked to Mindy? What does Mindy have to say about it? Did she ever see Melissa that night?

A: Uh uh.

Q: She says that she didn’t see her?

A: She didn’t see her. She was out with her friends messing around.

Q: Out with her friends.

A: Yeah.

Q: Alright now, Jolene, you’ve probably been closer and got more information than we could ever dig up by listening to what the kids have had to say around the pizza parlor and JB’s there, and so forth. Have you heard any of them make any comments about anything that may have happened that night that we ought to know?

A: Well, okay, you know, [redacted] said that she seen Melissa, okay, in her English class, and, one of my best friends sat right behind her, she said to this one kid that she didn’t see Melissa but she just didn’t want to get hassled, so she said she did.

Q: She didn’t see her?

A: She said she didn’t see her, she was just making it up.

Q: Well that sure puts people in a lot of bad positions when they do that.

A: Really. But then, okay Pat, Pat thinks she seen her, she really thinks she does, but Pat didn’t know Melissa very well, so she coulda seen someone else, you know.

Q: Now Pat was the girl that said she saw her come into the restroom that night?

A: Uh huh.

Q: Or, come int o the JB’s there?

A: . Yeah, she— 

Q: Okay.

A: She wouldn’t lie about it either, she’s not that way. But it’s possible that she did get it mixed it up, ‘cuz she didn’t know Melissa very well. I think maybe she’d seen her maybe twice, you know. She didn’t know Melissa very well.

Q: She wouldn’t have been sure then, unless she saw her?

A: I don’t think so.

Q: (Detective Thompson) Do you know Judy T.? Now she also was down to JB’s that night, and she goes to Hillcrest, and she said that she saw her come in.

A: I’ve never heard of her.

Q: But she’s a, trying to remember what she looks like, she’s got blonde hair. She didn’t know her well, but she, she just knows her to speak to her. That’s a pretty popular girl there according to the school.

A: I’ve never heard of her.

Q: Is that right? She’s, she’s a senior, ‘cuz she’s on a, what, like Melissa, worked in the afternoon somewhere. I was just trying to think where she lived, but I can’t remember. Let me ask you another thing, Jolene, if Melissa ever tried to smoke or goof around or anything, is there any particular brand she would buy?

A: No, she’d never buy—

Q: Or did she ever, I mean, you know, I’m human, I tried to, I was a kid, you know. 

A: Well, she never bought smokes, but, I mean, if she was upset or something and somebody handed her one, she’d have it.

Q: (Capt. Hayward) But she wouldn’t go into a place and buy a package for any reason that you remember?

A: No.

Q: Okay, because this is what they said that she did, didn’t she Jerry, when she went into that one place, supposed to have went over and bought a pack of cigarettes?

Q: (Detective Thompson) We’ve got that it was plain that she went over to the cigarette machine and bought a package of Marlboro, walk out and left.

A: If she bought cigarettes it’d be Kools.

Q: It would be Kools?

A: It would be Kools. Menthol Kools.

Q: This is what I wanted to ask. They thought these were Marlboro anyway, and left. But now, if she was with a boy, would she run and go buy them for him and that, you know, somebody picked her up?

A: No, she’d have him do it himself.

Q: Okay. But you don’t know Judy?

A: No, never heard of her.

Q: (Capt. Hayward) Jolene, now have you heard anything that you think that we ought to know about that you maybe feel isn’t important but yet we ought to know about it? Have you heard anything that might be of some interest to us that hasn’t come out so far that you can remember telling the officers?

A; Uh uh.

Q: Well, you’ve done a lot of thinking on this, I’m sure. What do you think actually has happened, Jolene?

A: Well, I wish I knew, I don’t know.

Q: You don’t have the slightest idea what could have taken place?

A: I think she was probably coming out of Pepperoni and started to go home, and ah, somebody said, hey, come here, or something like or wanted to talk to her, grabbed her, and that’s what I think happened. Because she, she’d, you know, she wouldn’t be stuck-up, she’d say hello.

Q: She’d go over and talk to them.

A: She’s very friendly.

Melissa Smith Ted Bundy yearbook signature
Melissa Smith’s signature in a friend’s yearbook, 1974. Courtesy Rob Dielenberg.

Q: Yeah, that’s what we wanted to know.

A: But she wouldn’t go off with somebody alone, ‘cuz that was, I mean, we, possibly we’d go off with people, if there were more girls than guys, but she wouldn’t do it alone.

Q: She wouldn’t do it alone, now that’s the thing that I was really concerned with, if some stranger called her and said come on over to the car, and she may walk over and see who it is or talk to him, but in your opinion she would never have got in that car alone?

A: Never.

Q: With somebody that she didn’t know?

A: No way. And ah, I don’t know, he’d have to be good lookin or she wouldn’t go over either.

Q: Is that right?

A: Um hum, she’d just say (?), yeah, and walk off, say.

Q: There’s no way that she’d just go over to anybody if he was a crum-looking guy?

A: No, she, no.

Q: (Detective Thompson) What would be her reaction, beings your dad’s a police officer, if someone came up to her and showed her a badge that wasn’t in uniform and things like that and said he wanted to talk to her, or come and get in my car, or something? Do you know?

A: I don’t know what she’d do, she didn’t like cops very well. 

Q: (Capt. Hayward) You don’t think she would have gotten into an automobile with anybody that may have shown her a badge or— 

A: Possible, but she didn’t like cops very well, she’d say, it, she probably would, because you know, most people would, but— 

Q: To your knowledge, did Melissa or you ever know this Laura Aime out of Utah County?

A: Uh uh.

Q: Never heard that name?

A: Melissa mighta met her, she knew a lotta people, but not good, you know.

Q: (Capt. Hayward) Do you have a picture of Laura Aime there?

A: (Detective Thompson) Yes.

Q: (Capt. Hayward) Show it to her to see if she’s ever, recognize her.

A: She looks familiar, she really does.

Q: (Detective Thompson) How this girl, let me tell you, is tall, about five foot ten.

A: Um hum, and she has a Mexican boyfriend, didn’t she?

Q: She had several, and some of them were Mexican, but I— 

A: And her hair was more frizzy than that, it came out like that didn’t it?

Q: Well—

A: I’ve seen her.

Q: Now I can’t answer that, I don’t know.

A: I’ve seen her.

Q: You’ve seen her?

A: I don’t know where, I can’t place her, but I seen her, for sure I have.

Q: Okay. Let me ask you another question? Did you ever hear the name of “TED” ever mentioned around anyone, school, Melissa or anyone, around JB’s or any of these places?

A: It doesn’t, I don’t think so.

Q: In any of your travels since then or before, have you heard of any individual that had his arm in a sling or a broken arm that was a very nice talking guy, nice looking guy, that approached any of the girls and asked them for help, or would you do this, or anything else?

A: Uh uh, (?).

Q: (Capt. Hayward) Let me ask you, Jolene, would, if Melissa, being gone for five or six days before this incident happened, if she, if she had been at a place where she would have access to a telephone, would she, do you feel that she would have got in touch with you?

A: Yeah.

Q: Definitely huh?

A: Definitely. She wouldn’t put people through hell, and if she did run off to make somebody mad, she would have gone to school, she would have come back the next day.

Q: But she still never would have put them through what this would have been like, at least making contact with you so you’d have known that everything was alright?

A: Yeah, she, she wouldn’t ever run away.

Q: She just wouldn’t have taken off?

A: She just wouldn’t of.

Q: Well that’s what we got, you see, we don’t know that much about Melissa?

A: Yeah.

Q: That’s why we got to talk to you, Jolene, we got to try to find out if she was held as possibly as a hostage or something or as a captive of somebody, or if she may have took off and stayed on her own. But now you tell us that you ‘re certain that she wouldn’t have done it, and that’s what we got to know?

A: She wouldn’t of.

Q: Okay, that’s what we got to know.

A: She just wouldn’t.

Q: (Capt. Hayward) If she had of went and if she would have had to buy this make-up, where do you think she would have went to purchase them, in that particular area? Did she have any particular make-·up store or place she would buy this stuff?

A: Well she was a beautician and she could get most everything on sale at, at the college, you know, but I don’t remember her ever buying anything from them, unless it was stuff for the, to work with like extra curlers or something.

Q: (Detective Thompson) But that’s where she would buy it?

A: Yeah, she got most her make-up from Avon.

Q: (Capt. Hayward) From K-Mart?

A: A, Avon, you know. 

Q: Avon, oh she had purchased most of it through Avon?

A: Um hm.

Q: (Detective Thompson) Because I checked with the college and they said that she didn’t buy anything like that, just about what you said curlers or stuff at work.

A: Oh wait a minute, there’s a K-Mart, is it a K-Mart across the street from that, you know kinda kitty corner, by the movie thing? She bought some lipstick and stuff over there once.

Q: Um hm. Does that ever look familiar to anyone you’ve ever, not gone out with but been around or seen hanging around or—

Ted Bundy Lake Sammamish composite sketch
“Ted” Suspect Composite Drawing, 1974.
Courtesy King County Archives

A: It’s not a very good picture, I can’t tell.

Q: No, it’s a composite drawing, it’s not an actual picture.

A: Uh uh. I’d have to see a picture, ‘cuz I, that, that’s not even good.

Q: (Capt. Hayward) Let me ask you— 

A: He looks familiar.

Q: Get that other picture, Labrum’s got it.

A: He really does look familiar, I can’t place him, but he does. This guy live in Washington?

Q: Pardon?

A: Did this guy live in Washington?

Q: Yeah, he’s lived in Washington, yes, but he’s been in Colorado also.

A: For how long? But ah, do you know if he’s been in Utah?

Q: We don’t know whether he has been in Utah or not.

A: He looks like a neighbor of ours.

Q: He looks like a neighbor of yours?

A: An old one.

Q: What I was going to ask you, Jolene, is we found something that indicated that Melissa had just eaten, oh an hour or two hours prior to her being killed. Now, what would usually be her habits if she was in a cafe and ordered something? What did she usually like to eat?

A: Coffee.

Q: Coffee? Did she ever at anytime that you know of drink malts or milk shakes?

A: Uh uh, no way.

Q: No way, huh?

Q: She says that individual looks like a neighbor of hers (Hayward speaking to Thompson).

Q: (Detective Thompson) Now this guy here, according to them, this is a bad picture, they claim he’s an athletic type, and most of them describe him as a rather attractive guy. This picture doesn’t portray that.

A: With a beard?

Q: Well—

A: Is that him, on that picture too?

Q: No, no no, they’re different guys, they’re both different. He looks like, he looks like a neighbor, an old one, I don’t know if he still lives nearby, are you in contact?

A: No way.

Q: You and her were pretty close, right Jolene?

A: We were really close.

Q: And she would have gotten in touch with you, she would have told you, well. I’m going to take off for two or three days, you know, or something like that, if she would have ever done it, but she hadn’t of and she was some place where she could have had access, you feel that she would have contacted you above all if not anybody else? You understand what I mean?

A: Well, when she thought they, if, if somebody, I mean, if she did split, and I know she didn’t, but if, you know, if she heard on the news or something that, ah, they thought she’d been attacked or something, she wouldn’t put up with that, she woulda—

Q: She would have got in touch with somebody?

A: She was the type of person, she didn’t want nobody to be bothered with what she did, she didn’t want anybody to be upset about what she did, or anything like that, you know?

Q: Right. And of course this was pretty well publicized the first couple of days when she couldn’t be found, and I’m sure that if she would have had knowledge of this, then she wouldn’t have put your mother and dad and you through the fact of worrying about it. She would have got at least in touch with you, don’t you feel?

A: She wouldn’t have gone for, she just wouldn’t of, because if she wanted to do something; she’d do it. She knew how to handle mom and dad.

United States Government Memorandum
DATE: 9/25/1975

On September 22, 1975, Ira Beal Bountiful Police Department, advised that his department and Jerry Thompson, office of the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office are both convinced that Theodore “Ted” Bundy, whom they have had as a possible suspect in these matters since last Fall, is the individual responsible both for the murders of MELISSA SMITH and LAURA ANN AIME and for the disappearance of DEBRA KENT from Bountiful.

Beal stated that they base this on the fact that BUNDY was arrested by the Utah Highway Patrol in August, 1975, on a traffic violation, at which time he had in his vehicle a paper bag containing a pair of pantyhose with places cut out for his eyes and nose, along with a pair of handcuffs, which were identical in make to a pair of handcuffs recovered from a woman in a Murray, Utah shopping center in November, 1974, when she escaped a would-be abductor. Also in the car was a small pry bar.

Salt Lake County and Davis County have had BUNDY under surveillance since last Fall during the times that he has been in Salt Lake City, Utah. BUNDY has a college degree in psychology and is a third year law student at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. He is originally from Seattle, Washington, where he was first considered as a suspect in the murders of several girls in that area, whose murders are similar to those of the girls found in the Salt Lake City area. 

At the time of BUNDY’s arrest for a traffic violation he furnished a consent to search his apartment, and in his apartment was found a large book containing detailed illustrations on masochism and tortures. BUNDY has refused to be interviewed, and has obtained JOHN O’CONNELL as his attorney.

Ira Beal also indicated that Elizabeth Kloepfer had been interviewed, and she had stated that BUNDY was capable of committing these murders. She stated that she had been with BUNDY for several years, but it was not until about 1973 that he began demanding abnormal sex relations with her. In her interview she stated that BUNDY had a large book on masochism and tortures.

Ira Beal stated that two witnesses, Raylene Shepherd and Tamara Tingey in Bountiful, who on the night DEBRA KENT came up missing observed an individual who attempted to entice her to the parking lot for the purpose of identifying some vehicles, and a girl who escaped from her abductor in a Murray, Utah shopping center with a pair of handcuffs on her wrists, identified BUNDY’s photograph.

Excerpt from the Aspen Meeting
November 13 & 14, 1975
On November 13, 1975 a meeting was held in Aspen, Colorado for representatives of various police agencies from Washington, California, and Colorado to discuss cases of great similarity regarding homicides of young females occurring in these states.
On October 18, 1971, the daughter of the Chief of Police of Midvale, Utah, Melissa Smith was given two dollars from her father for pizza. She was going to spend the night with a girlfriend. She left “J.B.’s” a restaurant across the street from where the DaRonch girl had been picked up. This girl was found on 10-27-74, in oak brush in Summit County, nude with a nylon stocking tied around her neck. Se had been beaten around the head and strangled. Drag marks were found on her body, similar to the Campbell victim. These were drag marks or burn marks similar to being thrown from a car and sliding along the pavement. Bundy apparently was seen the night of this occurrence soliciting girls to help with his auto. At the time he was first seen it was noted that he was calm and neat in appearance. He was seen that same evening in a very disheveled state. His victim (Smith) showed evidence of anal intercourse. Liz had stated that Bundy had asked to have anal intercourse with her but she did not like it.

United States Government Memorandum
DATE: 12/10/1975

On 11/21/75, Ira Beal, Bountiful City PD, advised that THEODORE BUNDY appeared at a preliminary hearing in Third District Court, Salt Lake City, Utah. BUNDY posted a $15,000 cash bond and was released. Judge GRANT at this time advised he would announce at a later date whether or not BUNDY would be bound over for trial.

On 11/29/75, Ira Beal, Bountiful PD, advised that on 11/26/75, BUNDY again appeared before Judge GRANT at which time he was bound over to the Third District Court to stand trial for kidnapping. Attempted murder charges against BUNDY were dismissed. BUNDY remains free on a $15,000 cash bond.

Report by Detective Jerry Thompson
January 28, 1976, at approximately 2:45 p.m. this officer received a phone call from Special Agent Niell from the FBI Laboratory. The following is his taped conversation with Detective Jerry Thompson.

(Niell): …found in some of the debris taken out of this Volkswagen, which is microscopically identical with the known pubic hairs of Melissa Smith.

(Thompson): Okay.

(Niell): Okay, that’s on that one. Now additionally Aspen, Colorado, the sheriff out at Aspen, Colorado, sent in some known head and pubic hairs of Caryn Campbell.

(Thompson): Caryn Campbell, right.

(Niell): And I found two brown head hairs, one from a floor mat and one from I think debris from the interior of this same automobile which will match up with the head hairs of Caryn Campbell.

(Thompson): Okay. Now let me ask you this, Mr. Niell, on these pubic hairs, they’re identical to Melissa Smith, I understand.

(Niell): Just one of them. I mean I just found the one pubic hair on that.

(Thompson): Right, excuse me, the one. I understand that, what kind of a situation does this put us in, now I understand that this is possible that someone else could have the same or how do we work?

(Niell): Microscopic hair comparisons are not as good as fingerprint identifications, they’re just circumstantial. If you’ve got some other things that look good for him also, why you know, that always, that always helps in building up a circumstantial case. We can’t eliminate the possibility that there would be other caucasian women that had pubic hairs which would be similar to hers. It could happen. But, we’re dealing with quite a number of individual microscopic characteristics, all of which have to match up before we can make a report of this type.

(Thompson): Well, we appreciate, now you’re sending me a copy of that I understand?

(Niell): Yes I am and I’m also outlining the findings with respect to the Campbell girl in the same report.

(Thompson): Okay, did you by chance, an Officer Forbes from a police department south of here sent back an earring you were going to check up with, have you done that yet?

(Niell): Yes, we still have that and we’re still working on that. We haven’t finished the work on that yet.

(Thompson): Well thank you. I really appreciate this phone call, and if there’s anything else, please don’t hesitate to get a hold of me, I appreciate this.

{Niell): Okay, if anything good comes up on that, why I’ll give you another call.

"Melissa Smith" 
"Ted Bundy"
"Hair analysis"
FBI Hair Analysis Report dated February 3, 1976

Excerpt from a 2016 Interview with Former Salt Lake County Attorney David Yocom Discussing the Carol DaRonch Trial, 1976 
“[Louis Smith] sat right behind the counsel table the whole damn trial, and he did nothing but glare at Bundy and make Bundy so goddamn nervous; he couldn’t stand to have the police chief staring at him through the trial. In fact at one time, O’Connell and I were in chambers, and he told the judge Bundy couldn’t stand Chief Smith staring at him throughout the case, and he was afraid he might be armed, and that he might bring out his gun and shoot him. So the judge asked me to go make sure that Louis wasn’t armed.
So I walked back into the courtroom and leaned over the railing and I said ‘Louis, the judge wants to know if you’re armed or not.’ And of course the courtroom was packed, it was packed every day, it was standing room only. And he threw open his jacket and said ‘No I don’t have my gun!’ And the courtroom just cracked up. You know it wasn’t supposed to be that way, but uh, there were funny little things that happened like that with the victims’ families.” 

Ted Bundy court Utah
Outside the courtroom of the Carol DaRonch kidnapping trial. March 1976. Courtesy Amazon Studios.

In the District Court for the County of Pitkin and the State of Colorado
The People of the State of Colorado vs. Theodore Robert Bundy
Excerpt from the Direct Examination of Special Agent Robert Neill by District Attorney Robert Russell
April 5, 1977

Q: What is your job?

A: A special agent with the FBI.

Q: Do you have a specialty?

A: Yes sir. I’m assigned to the staff of the FBI laboratory in Washington and I specialize in microscopic examination of hair, bacteria, and textile materials.


Q: Did you receive some material from the Salt Lake City Sheriff’s Office?

A: Yes, sir I did.

Q: And what did you receive?

A: The material received from the sheriff of Salt Lake County purported to be a quantity of vacuumed debris from the interior of a 1968 Volkswagen, along with some floor mats and some hairs taken from this vehicle, or labeled as such.

Q: When did you receive that?

A: This was received in the laboratory on November 11 of 1975.

Q: Okay. Now, did those involve investigations in particular cases, and if so, what cases— names were placed on that as you received them?

A: With respect to the material received from the sheriff of Salt Lake County, this involved the alleged homicide of a Melissa Smith and Debra Kent.

Q: All right. Now this is the vacuum material, is that correct?

A: Yes sir that’s correct, the vacuum debris and the floor mats, along with one hair from the back seat of the car.

Q: As opposed to the vacuum from the car, did you receive samples from individuals?

A: Yes, a hair sample purported to be from the— I will have to check my notes on something here. Well, at that time a sample— a head hair sample was received— I’m talking about the material received on November 11th of ’75— a sample was received which was labeled to be head hairs from Debra Kent and also at that time, another sample containing head hairs labeled as being from Melissa Smith were received at that time.

Q: Okay. Did you ever receive any hair samples from a Carol DaRonch?

A: Yes sir.

Q: When did you receive those?

A: That was received February 15, 1976, here again, from the sheriff of Salt Lake County. 

Q: If I understand correctly, you received samples of head hair from Melissa Smith, and head hair from Carol DaRonch?

A: Well the sample received from Melissa Smith was a pubic hair sample.

Q: Okay. What examination did you make concerning these various hairs?

A: Well, in all our cases, our procedure was to take a representative sample of the various hair samples which were labeled to be from these various alleged victims and to mount them on glass microscope slides and then compare microscopically these hairs with hairs recovered from the material from the 1968 Volkswagen, and the microscopic comparisons were made between these various samples and the hairs from the car.


Q: Did you make a comparison with the pubic hairs of a Melissa Smith?

A: Yes sir.

Q: And the hairs found in the Volkswagen?

A: Yes sir I did. In this case, a brown pubic hair, Caucasian origin, was encountered in a specimen labeled as being debris from the back seat of a 1968 Volkswagen and this was microscopically compared with a pubic hair sample labeled to be from the body of Melissa Smith and was found to exhibit the same microscopic characteristics. 

Q: Would it be fair to say that your opinion in relation to Caryn Campbell’s comparison with— I believe you said the trunk of the Volkswagen— and Melissa Smith’s pubic hair sample compared with pubic hair in the back seat of a Volkswagen, and head hair of a Carol DaRonch found in the mat of the floor mat? Is it your opinion it was a high degree of probability they were from the same person?

A: Well, my opinion is simply this; that the questioned hairs that I have testified to either originated from the individuals represented by the known samples or from some other individual of the same race whose head or pubic hairs in the case of Melissa Smith exhibit the same microscopic characteristics, and this would further be qualified by the necessity of such individuals of either having direct or indirect contact with the interior of this automobile.

In the District Court for the County of Pitkin and the State of Colorado
The People of the State of Colorado vs. Theodore Robert Bundy
Excerpt from the Cross Examination of Special Agent Robert Neill by Defense Attorney James Dumas
April 5, 1977

Q: In examining the characteristics that may be present in particular hair, there are a number of morphological characteristics that can be observed, and those are what you have testified about?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: And there can also be evidence of unnatural changes in the hair such as clipping, cutting, split ends, cosmetics, bleaching, dying, that sort of stuff?

A: That’s correct. 

Q: Did you in any of these hair samples note any of that kind of damage?

A: With respect to the pubic hair which I found to be microscopically like the known sample from Melissa Smith, I noted that it had displayed a root structure which exhibited follicular tissue which would indicate that the hair had been removed by force. 


Q: And I believe you testified that you were sent vacuuming from the ’68 Volkswagen that you received on November 11th of ’75?

A: Yes sir that’s correct.

Q: Did you have occasion at a later date to receive additional vacuumings from the floor of that same car?

A: Yes sir.

Q: And what date was that?

A: That was received on February 5, 1976.

Q: And did you make any comparisons with the hair found in that debris?

A: Yes sir.

Q: And that comparisons were to what known hair?

A: The specimen consisted of numerous brown to light brown head hairs of Caucasian origin, some of which exhibit partial change along with a brown pubic hair of Caucasian origin, a black animal and white animal hair.

Q: And were you able to make a comparison of any of those hairs to the submitted known hairs?

A: Yes sir I did. 

Q: What was the designation for the known hairs?

A: K-4, with respect to Ms. DaRonch, K-2 with respect to the pubic hair sample from Melissa Smith, K-5 with respect to the head hair sample from Caryn Campbell.

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Detective Jerry Thompson in 1975. Courtesy Amazon Studios.

In the District Court for the County of Pitkin and the State of Colorado
The People of the State of Colorado vs. Theodore Robert Bundy
Excerpt from the Direct Examination of Detective Jerry Thompson by Deputy District Attorney Milton Blakey
April 5, 1977

Q: Did you shortly after October the 18th, 1974, or on an occasion since that, discuss with Chief Louis Smith of the Midvale Police Department the disappearance of Melissa Smith?

A Yes, I have.

Q Was there a family relationship between Melissa Smith and Chief Louis Smith?

A Yes. That’s his daughter.

Q: Would you relate what Chief Smith told you about when he last saw her on the 18th?

A: The last he informed me was on October 18th, and it was a Friday evening. He was not at home, but his daughter was home with her sister Joleen and that she left the home at approximately nine or 9:30 with the intention of going over and talking to a girl friend at the Pepperoni Pizza Place. He stated that she got to that place and that’s the last that anyone has seen or heard of her to his knowledge.

Q: All right. Did you then, subsequent to your conversation with Chief Smith, interview Jolene Smith, Melissa’s sister?

A: Yes, I have.

Q: What did Jolene relate concerning the night of the 18th of October and her’s and Melissa’s activities?

Melissa Smith Ted Bundy The Pepperoni
Newspaper article from 1966. Courtesy Rob Dielenberg.

A: She stated that the two of them were home and that Melissa was very restless and upset because she was going to go out that evening with a girl and when she called the girl, she wasn’t home. She had apparently gone with someone else and she stated that she was pacing up and down on the floor, wondering what she was going to do, when she received another phone call by another girl, Julie R. Julie asked her if she would come over and talk to her because she was working at this Pepperoni Pizza Place and she had some problem; I don’t recall if it was over a boyfriend or a girl friend, and would she please come over and talk to her. Melissa told her she would; she would be over in a few minutes. She tried to get her sister to come with her. Her sister stated she was typing a report for a college meeting the following Sunday and when she got through, she would go with her, but she stated that Melissa seemed a little bit upset and the next thing she knew, she slammed the door and she left and she has never seen her since.

Q: Now, did Jolene Smith give you a description of the clothing that Melissa was wearing on that evening when she was last seen?

A: Yes. Yes, she did.

Q: All right. What did she tell you she was wearing?

A: She stated that she was wearing a pair of blue jeans; they were a Fox Mother brand, which was identical to a pair that she showed me at home that she had with “V” pockets in the back and as I recall, a little fox on one of the pockets, a blue knit type blouse, short sleeved. It had white and small pink flowers about it, and that she had a pair of light brown or medium brown oxford type shoes and that she was wearing a necklace which is like round beads of multiple colors. She stated she did not know if she left with a dark blue, like a policeman’s shirt that her dad had around the home with the emblems torn off of it, because she did wear that on occasion. She stated she was unable to find it at home, but she does not know if she wore it or not.

Q: All right. Did you then at a subsequent time interview Julie R.?

A: Yes, I have.

Q: And what did Julie R. tell you about the night of the 18th of October, 1975, and her contact with Melissa Smith?

A: She informed me that she had called Melissa at home; asked her if she would come over; she was upset over— like I said, I don’t remember if it was a girl friend or a boyfriend. She stated Melissa did arrive over there; they had a conversation. During that conversation they had decided that when Julie got off work that they were going to possibly go down to J.B.’s and have a cup of coffee; that’s what they usually do. She said she got off at midnight and Melissa had left somewhere around 9:30 or quarter to ten; she wasn’t too sure, but she stated when midnight came, that someone from her family came and picked her up in a car and took her home. So, she never bothered to call Melissa to go down to J.B.’s. She states that’s the last she has seen or heard from her.

Q: What is this J.B.’s that she was referring to?

Ted Bundy Melissa Smith J.B.'s restaurant
Salt Lake Tribune, October 6, 1972

A: It’s a restaurant type hamburger place where most of the younger group hang out.

Q: Did you later have occasion to interview a party known as Judy T.?

A: Yes, I did.

Q: And where did you interview Judy T.?

A: I interviewed her the first time at her high school, I believe.

Q: And did she indicate whether or not she had been at J.B.’s that night?

A: Yes, she was questioned in regards to October the 18th, if she had been at J.B.’s and if she knew Melissa Smith. She stated she knew her from school. She stated that she was there that night at about 10:30 and she was positive on her time at 10:30 because she was waiting for a boyfriend and he was late and she stated at that time Melissa came in, walked on by, went back either towards the rest rooms or by a cigarette machine. She does not know what she done in there.

Q: Did she tell you what Melissa was wearing?

A: She stated as near as she could remember that she was wearing blue Levi’s, the blue blouse, short sleeved, with a V-neck and different flowers on it.

Q: All right. Did you then have occasion to interview Jayleen B.?

Jaylynne B., 1975

A: Yes, sir.

Q: And what did she tell you concerning J.B.’s that evening?

A: Jayleen stated she was working at J.B.’s that night and that she also knew Melissa because she went to school with her and that she recalls her coming into the restaurant that night at pretty close to 10:30 also.

Q: All right. I direct your attention then to the time around the 27th of October, 1974. Were you aware on that date a body was found in Summit County?

A: Yes, I was.

Q: And where was that located in relation to J.B.’s and that general area?

A: Where the body was found is approximately 15 miles east of Salt Lake City. It’s just across the Salt Lake County line into Summit County. It’s a mountainous area. There is scrub oak, quakies, etc. About half a mile or a mile of the other side is what they call Summit Park. It’s an exclusive area of mountain homes where they have expensive homes in that area.

Q: All right. And were Captain Hayward and Sergeant Forbes of your department called to that scene to assist in the investigation of the crime scene?

A: Yes, they were called by Sheriff Robinson from Summit County.

Q: At that crime scene, were scene photographs taken?

A: Yes.

Q: Have you seen those photographs?

A: Yes, I have.

Q: Did you at about that time that they were taken discuss this entire crime scene with Sgt. Forbes and Capt. Hayward?

A: I have discussed it many times and I have been back to it at later dates.

Q: And what kind of an area was this exactly where the body was found as far as the actual location of the body?

A: It was on a large steep mountain— like I say, quakies, scrub oak, etc. The body was found uphill, laying face down inside the scrub oak, completely nude with a nylon stocking, dark blue, tied around her neck and one strand of beads.

Q: There was one strand of beads?

A: Yes.

Q: Was there any clothing located in the immediate area?

A: No, sir.

Q: Subsequent, was that necklace that was worn ever exhibited by you or anyone else to Mrs. Smith, Melissa’s mother?

A: Yes, it was.

Q: And what did Mrs. Smith indicate as to that necklace?

A: She stated that was her daughter’s necklace, with the exception it had two strands and one strand was missing.

Q: From the scene, where was the body removed to?

A: It was removed to the University of Utah medical examiner’s office. 

Q: And who was that medical examiner?

A: Dr. Serge Moore.

Q: All right. Were you at the medical examiner’s office, did you see the body?

A: I arrived there shortly after the body arrived, yes.

Q: And from your observations of the body, what color was Melissa’s hair?

A: Brown.

Q: And was her body identified there at the autopsy?

A: It was identified by her father and it was also identified by dental charts later.

Q: After the conduct of the autopsy by Dr. Moore, did you discuss with him the cause of death?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: And did he tell you what his conclusion as to the cause of death was?

A: Yes. He stated that it was basically multiple head injuries, skull fracture and strangulation.

Q: At the time of the autopsy, was hair removed from the body of Melissa Smith?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: And into whose custody was that hair given?

A: Sgt. Forbes.

Q: And do you know what Sgt. Forbes did with that hair that was given to him?

A: Yes. It was packaged up with other evidence and sent back to the FBI Laboratory.

Q: To you knowledge, was that hair examined at the FBI by Mr. Neill of the FBI?

A: Yes.

Q: Did you receive a report of the examination?

A: Yes, there was one received.

Q: They type of hair that was removed, was there both head and pubic hair removed?

A: Yes, sir.


Q: When you seized [Bundy’s VW], would you tell us what you did with it?

A: The car was taken by a wrecker and placed in a— we have an evidence room in the tunnel of our jail and locked inside.

Q: All right. And after the date of that seizure and the car being locked in the evidence room, did you and another officer do anything to that vehicle, conduct any examination?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: Would you relate what you did?

A: Yes, sir. We vacuumed the car out completely. The floor mats were removed and all the items were packaged up and sent back to the FBI laboratory.

Q: Is that vehicle still in the possession of the evidence custodian?

A: Yes, sir. We still have possession of that car.

Q: To your knowledge, from personal contact and conversation and the reports, do you know if the material which you sent, including the floor mats and the vacuumed material which you packaged and sent, was ever examined by Mr. Neill of the FBI?

A: Yes, they were.

Q: And you were advised of the results of those examinations?

A: I was, by Mr. Neill.

Q: What type of floor mats were in the car? What did you remove to send to the FBI?

A: As I recall, they were rubber type floor mats. I can’t recall now for sure if there was a little bit of felt in the middle or not, but there was— the floor mats went in straight and then the sides kind of went up and that was cloth and they were removed also. The trunk area had— looked like a cardboard— heavy black cardboard area that set over the top of the trunk area that was also removed.

Q: And all those items were packaged and sent to the FBI?

A: Yes, sir.

Melissa Smith Ted Bundy Salt Lake Utah evidence
Evidence from the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s locker, 1989. Courtesy Amazon Studios.

In the District Court for the County of Pitkin and the State of Colorado
The People of the State of Colorado vs. Theodore Robert Bundy
Excerpt from the Cross Examination of Detective Jerry Thompson by Defense Attorney James Dumas
April 5, 1977

Q: Do you remember the date that Detective Paul Forbes took the hair sample from Carol DaRonch?

A: Yes sir. February the 3rd.

Q: And what year was that?

A: 1976.

Q: And she was abducted in—

A: November the 8th.

Q: Of ’75?

A: ’74.

Q: And your official seized Mr. Bundy’s car on October the 3rd of ’75?

A: That’s correct.

Q: And hair samples were taken from her in February of ’76?

A: They were given to me on that date, yes sir.

Q: Did you request that a hair sample be taken from her?

A: No, sir.

Q: You vacuumed out his car sometime in October of ’75?

A: October the 15th.

Q: What were you looking for when you vacuumed out the car?

A: I was hoping that I could come up with any hairs, fibers, anything that would link me to the crime of Melissa Smith.

Q: At that time, you weren’t concerned with or working on the case of involving Carol DaRonch?

A: I was aware of it, but it was not my case. Yes, I was, and that was why Sgt. Forbes was with me because it was his case.

Q: But he was investigating the case at the time you and he both vacuumed out the car?

A: He was with me.

Q: Did you vacuum out the car entirely at that time?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: Did you have occasion to vacuum that car at a later time?

A: Yes, I did.

Q: And when was that?

A: February the 2nd.

Q: What places did you vacuum on February 2nd that you didn’t catch on October the 15th?

A: I redone the same thing again with the exception I cut the seat covers off and sent them back with—

Q: So that was a different submission; the seat backs separate from the vacuum, is that correct?

A: That’s correct.

Q: At whose suggestion did you re-vacuum the car in February?

A: The discussion between Bob Neill, my captain, prosecutor, several other agencies with a possibility that I maybe could have missed something.

Q: And apparently you did, because Agent Neill testified that all of these unknown hairs from these people showed up in the second vacuuming.

A: My recollection is there were no matches out of the second group. They were all out of the first group.

Q: So, his testimony would be wrong then if he said that?

A: No, I can’t say— I will have to check my report. It recalled to me that the first vacuuming that I done of the car is where the matched hairs came up, but I would have to recheck my files, but that’s my recollection. They were all done on the first one.

In the District Court for the County of Pitkin and the State of Colorado
The People of the State of Colorado vs. Theodore Robert Bundy
Offer of Proof of Similar Transaction

November 17, 1977
Pursuant to stipulation between the Defendant and the People and approved by the Court, the following Offer of Proof is presented on the similar transaction of Melissa Smith. This offer supplements the evidentiary testimony of Sgt. Ben Forbes, Utah County Sheriff’s Office, Brian Severson, former owner of Mr. Bundy’s 1968 V. W., Dr. Serge Moore, Utah Medical Examiner, Robert Neill, of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (on hair evidence and comparison), and all other stipulated prior testimony. Witnesses will testify that:

1. On October 18, 1974, Melissa Smith disappeared for no apparent reason.
2. When she disappeared, she was 17 years old, 5’3” tall and weighed approximately 100 pounds.
3. She wore her long light brown hair parted in the middle, encompassing an attractive oval face.
4. Melissa was wearing blue flared jeans, dark blue blouse containing small flower designs, and brown leather shoes. Some witnesses remember her wearing a shirt jacket or blue parka style over-garment. None of this clothing has been recovered.
5. The only jewelry she was wearing she was wearing was a double strand necklace of multi-colored wooden beads. One strand was still on her neck when Melissa’s body was found.
6. She was not carrying her nurse nor any money when she left home. She had borrowed a dollar from her mother earlier and it was still where Melissa had laid it.
7. Her overnight bag, fully packed and ready for an overnight stay with Mindy M., was still at home. She never went to Mindy’s that night, nor did Mindy see her that night nor thereafter.
8. None of her personal clothing, jewelry or makeup was missing from the family home except that which she was wearing on October 18, 1974.
9. She had never run away from home nor indicated any intentions of running away according to her family and friends.
10. Melissa was a responsible person who informed her family and friends of her actions, plans and whereabouts, if leaving for any significant period of time. Neither her family nor her friends heard from or saw Melissa after her disappearance on October 18, 1974, until her father identified her body at the Utah Medical Examiner’s Office on October 27, 1974.
11. On the night of Melissa’s disappearance, she was telephoned by a friend and asked to go to the Pepperoni Pizza Place at 669 Center, Midvale, Utah. Melissa left just a few minutes before 9:00 p.m. and arrived at the Pepperoni Place at about 9:00 p.m. After a 15-20 minute conversation with her friend, she left alone.
12. At 9:35 – 9:4.5 p.m. Melissa was seen several blocks from the Pepperoni Place, on State Street, trying to hitchhike north towards J.B.’s, located at the corner of State Street at 6100 South, across from the Fashion Place Mall.
13. Around 10:00 – 10:30 p.m., Melissa was seen in J.B.’s Restaurant, located at the corner of State Street at 6100 South, across from the Fashion Place Mall, by 2 acquaintances. Melissa stayed a few minutes and left.
14. Between 10:45 and 11:00 p.m., Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Melissa’s parents, went into J.B.’s to find her. She was not there. The Smiths drove to J.B.’s via the route that Melissa and her sister Jolene usually travelled. This route is from 180 Fern Drive, the family home, to Center Street, east to the Pepperoni Place, on further east to State Street and north to J.B.’s located at the corner of State Street at 6100 South, across from the Fashion Place Mall, a distance of approximately 3 miles. Jolene and Melissa’s best friend, Julie R. will testify that the girls habitually used a certain route from the Smith house to The Pepperoni Place and then on to J.B.’s This route goes through poorly lit residential blocks, several vacant, weed-filled lots near the Elementary School, North to Center Street, and then eastbound with the flow of traffic to the Pepperoni Place. From Pepperoni’s the girls walked eastbound with the flow of traffic to State Street, crossed the street and walked northbound with the flow of traffic to J.B.’s.

Ted Bundy Melisa Smith Midvale
Map of Melissa Smith’s approximate walking route from her home to the Pepperoni the night she disappeared.
From Rob Dielenberg’s Ted Bundy: A Visual Timeline

15. The girls would occasionally hitchhike if they could get a ride with a friend or someone who was attractive to them.
16. There will be testimony that Melissa would ordinarily help someone if asked, even a stranger. She respected law enforcement officers and would cooperate with them if asked to do so. Melissa’s father is the police chief of Midvale, Utah.
17. Testimony will indicate that Melissa did not know Ted Bundy, associate with him, recognize him, or his 1968 V.W. bug.
18. The Court has heard the testimony of Sgt. Forbes concerning the mustard seeds in Melissa’s hair and its in the area where the body was found. Evidence will show that this is a common variety of weed at lower elevations in the Salt Lake area and is found in quantity in vacant lots along the route Melissa ordinarily walked from her house to J.B.’s Restaurant.
19. Further evidence will show that there is no weather station at Summit Park where the victim was found. However, the elevation there is about 7,400 feet. The temperatures at two stations in the area were as follows:

In the District Court for the County of Pitkin and the State of Colorado
The People of the State of Colorado vs. Theodore Robert Bundy
Excerpt from the Court’s Opinion on the Motion in Limine

December 23, 1977
…It was stipulated that the evidence at the preliminary hearing could be considered as part of the evidence in the Motion in Limine, and that an offer of proof filed by the People on November 14, 1977, with respect to the Smith transaction can be considered as part of the evidence on the Motion in Limine.
The Court has considered the Motion in Limine, the evidence, the People’s Memorandum of Law Concerning admissibility of Similar Transactions and the People’s Memorandum Concerning Admissibility of Similar Transactions (Factual Summary) as well as Defendant’s Brief on the admissibility of Two Alleged ‘Similar Transactions’ sought to be introduced in the present case.
Upon consideration of those matters, the Court makes the following findings for the purpose of ruling on the Motion in Limine only and issues the following memorandum opinion.
In this case, the District Attorney seeks to utilize [evidence of similar transactions] to assist in proving that the defendant was the person who committed the offense charged (i.e, that the modus operandi employed was so similar as to evidence that the same person committed the crime charged and the alleged similar transactions) and that the offense charged and the alleged similar transactions were part of a common plan, scheme, or design. These purposes are directed to the elements of identity of the perpetrator and intent. In appropriate cases, evidence of similar transactions is admissible for such purposes. 
Once it is shown by substantial evidence that the defendant was the actor and that substantial similarity exist the Court must balance the relevance and probative value of the evidence of a similar transaction against the possible prejudice. The Smith and DaRonch transactions must be analyzed against the foregoing legal framework.
Comparison of Smith and Campbell transactions; Connection of Defendant:
Melissa Smith disappeared October 18, 1974. She was last seen in J.B.’s Restaurant in the metropolitan Salt Lake City area by two acquaintances about 10:30 pm on that date. When Smith disappeared, she was 17 years old, five foot three inches tall and weighed approximately 100 pounds. She had an oval face and long, light brown hair parted in the middle. Smith was wearing blue flared jeans, dark blue blouse containing small flower designs, and brown leather shoes. She was have been wearing a shirt jacket or blue parka-style overgarment. The manner of Melissa Smith’s disappearance is unknown. She was not carrying her purse or any money when she left home. Her overnight bag, fully packed and ready for an overnight stay with a girl friend, was still at home. Her friend did not see her that night or thereafter. Melissa Smith took none of her personal clothing, jewelry, or makeup, except what she was wearing. She had never run away from home or indicated any intentions of doing so. She was a responsible person who informed her family and friends of her actions, plans, and whereabouts before leaving for any significant period of time. Melissa Smith went from her home to the Pepperoni Pizza Place about nine o’clock pm on the night of her disappearance. About 10:30 pm she was seen at J.B.’s Restaurant. Between 10:45 and 11:00 pm on October 18, Mr. and Mrs. Smith went to J.B.’s to find her, following the route she usually travelled. The route goes through poorly lit residential blocks and several vacant weed-filled lots. She sometimes hitchhiked part of the way.
Melissa Smith’s body was found on October 27, 1974 in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains approximately 12 miles east of Salt Lake City. It was found about 500 to 600 yards up a side hill from a dead end street which is part of a new subdivision and the area is fairly mountainous, with heavy stands of pine and scrub oak. The entire side hill on which the body was found is covered with scrub oak about knee high except for a stand approximately seven to eight feet high where the body was located. Evidence with respect to the time of her death is conflicting and inconclusive. There is some evidence that several days elapsed between the date of her disappearance and the date of her death. A ligature, which appeared to be a man’s sock, was found around her neck. The cause of death was strangulation. One strand of beads was also around her neck; it was one of two strands she was wearing as her jewelry at the time of her disappearance. She had a wound in her head and the amount of blood in the area was slight in reference to the magnitude of the head wound. Her skull was fractured. Cause of death was strangulation, although the head injuries were sufficient to have resulted in death eventually. The body was naked and no clothing was found in the area. None of Melissa Smith’s clothing has ever been recovered.
Caryn Campbell’s body was found on February l5th 1975, in snow and brush off a back road near Snowmass Resort. The body was nude except for gold loop earrings. No clothing was found in the vicinity of the body. None of Campbell’s clothing has ever been recovered. Campbell experienced a skull fracture and three significant scalp lacerations. The fracture of Campbell and that of Smith were very similar in location. The cause of Campbell’s death was either exposure or the blow to the head or a combination of the two. The evidence is conflicting in that regard. Autopsy showed that Campbell’s death had occurred within hours after her disappearance on January 12, 1975.
Evidence indicates that neither Smith nor Campbell was acquainted with the defendant. Evidence was presented of lacerations in the left ear area of Campbell and under the chin of Smith, which were similar in nature. Evidence is conflicting as to whether the force of the blows to the head were comparable or whether in Smith’s case the force was more severe. Although the skull fractures and lacerations are consistent in each case with having been caused by the metal bar allegedly used in the DaRonch case, they are equally consistent with having been caused by other entirely dissimilar instruments. Each body has areas of bloodless abrasions. The evidence was not substantial or convincing that any of these similarities were so unusual, either alone or taken together, as to indicate a common modus operandi. 
There is evidence in the form of a cut in the genital area which is indicative of sexual assault in the case of Smith. Other evidence of sex in her case is inconclusive. Campbell’s autopsy revealed evidence of a vaginal sex act, which is consistent with an act of sexual intercourse with her fiancé which occurred less than 24 hours preceding her death.
Mustard seeds were found in Melissa Smith’s hair. They are not indigenous to the area in which the body was found but are common at lower elevations in the Salt Lake City area and are found in quantity in the vacant lots along the route Melissa usually walked from her house to J.B.’s restaurant. 
The only link between the defendant and Smith is that a pubic hair was found in a Volkswagen confiscated from a person who had purchased that vehicle from the defendant. The People’s expert has testified at the preliminary hearing that such hair exhibits the same microscopic characteristics as known pubic hairs of Melissa Smith. He also testified that microscopic hair identification does not constitute a positive basis for personal identification and that no statistical data exists with respect to the incidence of such characteristics in the population of any area. Thus, he was unable to state the mathematical probability that hair samples having the same microscopic characteristics are from the same individual. He stated that it would be most unusual to find hairs of two persons of the same race, picked at random, to be so similar as to be indistinguishable on microscopic examination. The evidence strongly indicates that Melissa Smith was not in the vehicle after it was sold by defendant Bundy, although the purchaser was acquainted with Smith. 
Admissibility of Evidence of Smith Transaction:
The evidence attempting to link defendant to the Smith transaction is highly inconclusive at best. The only tie is a single pubic hair found in a vehicle at one time owned by defendant. The People’s expert witness testified that such hair exhibits the same microscopic characteristics as known pubic hair of Melissa Smith but that microscopic hair examination does not constitute a positive basis for personal identification…thus, the People’s expert was unable to estimate the probability that the questioned hair sample came from Melissa Smith.
Even if the questioned pubic hair could be positively linked to Melissa Smith, that indicates only that she was in the defendant’s car at some time. Whether the defendant was in the car himself at that time would still be unknown. There is a further gap to be bridged between showing that the defendant was responsible for her death. 
It is concluded that there is no substantial evidence to link defendant to the Smith transaction. It is also concluded that the Smith transaction is not established to be similar to the Campbell transaction as to be admissible to establish the transaction as similar for such purpose.
The important similarities are few. The girls were somewhat similar in physical appearance, especially in hair length and style. No significant similarities in clothing exist. Their bodies were found naked, except for jewelry, and no clothing of either was found. Each was struck one or more hard blows on the back of the head. Each experienced a skull fracture of the same part of the skull.
The evidence does not establish how either came into control of her killer. Melissa Smith was strangled, and a ligature was around her neck. No ligature was found on Caryn Campbell and the condition of the body made it impossible to determine whether or not she was strangled; there was nothing to indicate strangulation. Although the evidence is consistent with the use of the same implement to cause head injuries, it is equally consistent with the use of different implements and of implements different in kind. The evidence is indicative of sexual assault with respect to Smith. There is no evidence establishing a sexual assault on Campbell, although sexual activity with her abductor cannot be ruled out as a possibility based upon the evidence.
The locations of the occurrences are dissimilar. The four occurrences took place three months and five hundred miles apart. 
Where evidence is offered to show that the crimes are so nearly identical in method as to earmark them as the handiwork of the same person, ‘the device used must be so unusual and distinctive as to be like a signature.’ Similarities of the Smith and Campbell transactions do not approach satisfaction of that standard.

Ted Bundy Melissa Smith
Salt Lake Tribune, January 23, 1989

Excerpt from Bundy’s Confession to Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Detective Dennis Couch
January 22, 1989

Dennis Couch: Ok, tell me about Melissa Smith, just a short synopsis. She was last seen right here in the Fashion Place Mall where you picked up Carol DaRonch, that’s the last place she was seen.

Ted Bundy: [sighs] 

DC: But you are responsible for Melissa Smith?

[long pause]

TB: Just a minute.

DC: Sure.

[long pause]

TB: [deep sigh] Yeah…what’s the question?

DC: Melissa Smith.

TB: Melissa Smith…

DC: Or Laura Aime, we can talk about either one, or both? With the time that we have here–  

TB: I just… listen. I know what you’re doing. I know what you want. I know it. I understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. 

DC: What, is the recollection getting to you or are you just burned out?

TB: I’m just having a hard time placing… the names are starting to get all mixed up. 

DC: How about pictures, would they help you? 

TB: Pictures never look anything like they really do. You can try… I mean, pictures I’ve seen in the newspapers but then again they don’t look like anybody I ever had anything to do with. What do you have?

DC: Well that was Debra Kent. Nancy Baird. This is Nancy Wilcox. Melissa Smith. She was the chief of police’s daughter. And then Laura Aime. Laura Aime and Melissa were the ones that we did find. Do you remember where you left them?

TB: Who? Oh.

DC: Laura and Melissa.   

[long pause]

TB: We’ll have to do this some other time. 

Unknown Male Voice: Just think about Melissa and Laura if you have time… I’m not going to take this too far but can you give a general location of where you left them? What he’s obviously trying to do is confirm the rest of it. If you can’t, you can’t, but I mean…

[long pause]

DC: How many in Utah are we talking about?

TB: I’m trying to count… did we talk about that? 

DC: No, uh-uh. I mean, I mentioned a figure and you said it was more than that. 

TB: Yeah, that’s right, it felt like it was more.

Bob Keppel notes Melissa Smith Ted Bundy
King County Detective Bob Keppel’s Notes from the Ted Bundy Multi-Agency Investigation Team Conference

Excerpt from a Memorandum to the Attorney General of Florida
March 10, 1989

Pursuant to your instructions, I have interviewed all law enforcement officers who were present during Bundy’s final hours prior to his execution at Florida State Prison on January 24, 1989. I have also listened to several tape recorded interviews with Bundy during this time period and have reviewed transcripts of other such interviews.
Also, I have interviewed law enforcement officials who, at one time or another, were involved in homicide investigations in which Bundy was a suspect, but who did not participate in the final interviews while Bundy was on death watch.
Finally, I attended the “Ted Bundy Multi-Agency Investigation Team Conference” held February 20-24, 1989, at the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia. This report is based upon the aforementioned activities, as well as interviews with certain psychologists, attorneys and authors who had direct dealings with Bundy over the years. Where I have included personal opinions of mine or those of others, I have noted this. Otherwise, statements are based upon the record.

October 18, 1974. Victim: Melissa Smith
Disappeared from Midvale, Utah (near Salt Lake City). Smith was last seen alive during the evening of October 18, 1974, in Midvale. Smith’s frozen, and well preserved body was found in a remote canyon in the Wasatch Mountains on October 28, 1974. She was nude and had been raped and strangled. One of her stockings was left embedded in her neck. While Smith’s death was attributed to strangulation, she had also suffered skull fractures to the back of her head. These massive wounds were caused by several blows with a blunt instrument.
During his last minute interviews with Utah authorities before his execution, Bundy would not discuss details of this crime, instead choosing to confine the discussions to victims whose bodies had not been discovered. (Bundy had planned to use the survivors of victims whose bodies had not been recovered to pressure the Governor of Florida to postpone his execution so he could help locate them.) Bundy did not however, ever deny this crime, and was given the opportunity to do so. In addition, a hair, microscopically indistinguishable from Smith’s, was found in Bundy’s Volkswagen a year or so after the crime.

Melissa Smith Ted Bundy
Melissa Smith, 1957-1974
Rest in Peace

Sources: Bountiful Police Department, Salt Lake City Unified Police Department, Pitkin County Court Clerk, Amazon Studios, Rob Dielenberg, and other generous contributors who wish to remain anonymous. Special thanks to Chris Mortensen for his financial contribution towards obtaining some of these files.

4 thoughts on “Case File: Melissa Smith, 1974

  1. You did an amazing job. I was friends with Georgann Hawkins and lived in the sorority next door and traveled the alley where she was taken. We shared a lot of friends and activities. I learned a lot about Melissa. I pray she for her and her family.

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  2. Thank you so much for all of this. You must have put in a lot of hard work into this. It is amazing to have all these primary resources available online, especially for someone like myself who does not live in the US and cannot afford any of the books.
    I have a question about Nancy Wilcox and Laura Aimee. I remember listening to Youtube videos this year, IIRC (they seem to have been removed) where friends/families of the victims were claiming that someone matching Bundy’s description was trying to date the girls shortly before their disappearance. I would love to hear your opinion on this. It doesn’t seem too unlikely that he might have changed his MO to throw off the police, but is there any hard evidence pointing in this direction?

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