"Tiffany Jean" "Ted Bundy" "Hi I'm Ted"
A librarian with glasses, wow!

Hi, I’m not really Ted.

I am a professional archivist, legal librarian, and researcher. I earned my master’s degree in library science at the University of Texas at Austin in 2009. I created this blog as a repository for accurate, fact-based, and rare information about the famed murderer Theodore Robert Bundy’s life, crimes, and victims. My work is mainly sourced from and centered around historical research from archival records.

I became interested in Ted Bundy after watching The Bundy Tapes documentary by Joe Berlinger in March, 2019. It was the most fascinating, tragic, and bizarre true crime story I’d ever heard. I realized that many people knew his name, but few really know what happened. I wanted to understand the case more deeply, wrap my head around it, and share that knowledge, so I dove right into researching it and I haven’t looked back since.

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“The evidence is there. Look for it.” — Ted Bundy, February 1978