A librarian with glasses, wow!

Howdy y’all (sorry I had to). I am a professional archivist, legal librarian, and researcher in Texas. I earned my master’s degree in library science at the University of Texas at Austin in 2009. I became interested in Ted Bundy after watching The Bundy Tapes documentary by Joe Berlinger in March of 2019. I wanted to understand the case more deeply, wrap my head around it. It was the most amazing, tragic, and bizarre true crime story I’d ever heard, and I was obsessed. I realized that the skills I used in my profession could be easily transferred to researching the case, so I dove right in and haven’t looked back.

I am happily married with an adorable cocker spaniel mix pup who might as well be my kid. When I’m not reading, researching, or writing for my day job or about Bundy, I also enjoy true crime in general, American history, gardening, hiking, reading fiction, and world travel.