Hi, I’m Tiffany Jean and I’m a professional archivist, legal librarian, and researcher. I earned my master’s degree in library science at the University of Texas at Austin in 2009. I created this blog as a repository for accurate, fact-based, and rare information about the famed murderer Theodore Robert Bundy’s life, crimes, and victims. My work is mainly sourced from, and centered around, historical research from archival records.

I became interested in the Bundy case after watching The Bundy Tapes documentary by Joe Berlinger in early 2019. It was the most fascinating, multi-faceted, tragic, and bizarre true crime story I’d ever heard. I read most of the books that were out there, but I wasn’t satisfied with those; I still didn’t feel like I got the whole story. Alleviating that dissatisfaction required heading into the archives. Poring through the original case files, eventually I realized that while many people knew his name, few understood what really happened. Even fewer knew anything about who his victims were, and their stories. My goal is to change that. Needless to say, while I may explore this often gruesome case and Ted Bundy’s psychopathology in depth, this blog is forever dedicated to the victims. I seek only to educate from an objective, historical viewpoint, and never to glorify the man or his crimes.

Since beginning this project, I’ve also launched social media and Patreon companions with rare photographs, audiovisual material, original documents, and more stories not featured here. If you enjoy my work, please know that I invest a lot of time and resources into this painstaking research for you. Archival material isn’t free, I pay for access, and this content doesn’t generate itself. I need help from the people who enjoy my work in order to continue doing it.

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I truly appreciate all of you who have helped me, collaborated with me, and respected my work, now and in the past. Thank you.

“The evidence is there. Look for it.” — Ted Bundy, February 1978