"Tiffany Jean" "Ted Bundy" "Hi I'm Ted"
A librarian with glasses, wow!

Hi, I’m not really Ted.

I’m actually a professional archivist, legal librarian, and researcher. I earned my master’s degree in library science at the University of Texas at Austin in 2009. I created this blog as a repository for accurate, fact-based, and rare information about the famed murderer Theodore Robert Bundy’s life, crimes, and victims. My work is mainly sourced from and centered around historical research from archival records.

I became interested in the Ted Bundy case after watching The Bundy Tapes documentary by Joe Berlinger in 2019. It was the most fascinating, multi-faceted, tragic, and bizarre true crime story I’d ever heard. I realized that while many people know his name, few really know the facts about what happened. Even fewer know anything about who his victims were, and their stories. My goal is to change that.

If you enjoy my work, please know that I pour a lot of time and my own resources into conducting painstaking research and creating this content for you. I won’t share how much of either, because frankly it’s embarrassing. But as you may know, gaining access to these archives isn’t free, and this content doesn’t generate itself. I’ve reached a point where I need help from the people who enjoy my work in order to continue doing it.

For those who’d like to support my research, I have set Patreon membership to “pay what you like.” In exchange, Patrons will have early access to new blog posts, and have the ability to view earlier popular posts which are now permanently locked. There are also some special rewards for members, such as bonus posts not found elsewhere, and the rarest content will now be reserved exclusively for Patrons as well. All of the proceeds will go towards research expenses. I purposefully set the minimum contribution to the lowest amount allowed for a reason: I want everyone interested to be able to afford it, and I want to better reward and engage the people who care about what I do.

So, be sure to join the Facebook, Instagram, and Patreon companions to this blog for additional photographs, videos, audio files, original documents, and other rare Bundy-related archival content not featured here. I truly appreciate all of you who have supported me, collaborated with me, and respected my work. Thank you. –TJ

“The evidence is there. Look for it.” — Ted Bundy, February 1978