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Q: Has it ever been established with any certainly if Bundy used the ice pick in any of the murders he committed?
A: There has never been any indication that he used the ice pick as a weapon. Michaud and Aynesworth incorrectly stated that Laura Aime had a vaginal puncture wound in The Only Living Witness, however this does not appear to be true. The autopsy reports for the victims found pre-skeletonization (including Aime) never showed any indication of the deep puncture wounds that an ice pick would have caused. The lead investigator in Utah, Jerry Thompson, also wrote in a 1975 police report that none of the victims had any wounds consistent with an ice pick.
It is unlikely that this was the ice pick’s purpose. He claimed it was for fixing the seat of his car. It could have been used for a lot of things, such as jimmying locks and window screens, or possibly as a way to threaten victims into submission. What its true purpose was is unknown, as far as I’m aware.

Q: Do you believe Ott was murdered in front of Naslund or vice versa?
A: I think it’s unlikely. Naslund was abducted around 4, he met Liz for dinner in Seattle at 6. Lake Sam to the U-District is about a 30 minute drive. So the abduction, rape, double murder, and clean up, all of that within 1.5 hours?….Also, he directly denied it when asked the night before his execution. So far, all of his denials made that final week have proven him honest.

Q: So there’s the 30 confirmed deaths that he confessed to. How many others are suspected?
A: I am currently researching several unsolved cases which have been tentatively attributed to Bundy over the years (“The Unconfirmed Cases” series). This series is still ongoing and will include victims such as Kerry May Hardy, the Santa Rosa hitchhiker murders, Sandra Weaver, Nancy Baird, Vicki Hollar, Rita Jolley, and others.
Some of the murders police originally strongly suspected Bundy of have been linked to other murderers via DNA in recent years, including Kathy Devine, Carol Valenzuela, and Martha Morrison.
Rob Dielenberg’s A Visual Timeline also includes an appendix with an exhaustive list of unsolved murders of young Western US women from the time period.
It is my opinion, however, that Bundy’s real victim count likely does not exceed 40.