Salt Lake City Police Surveillance Logs, 1975

After Ted’s arrest on August 16, 1975, Salt Lake area police quickly put two and two together, tying him to the kidnapping of Carol DaRonch from nearly a year earlier. By early September, police from multiple jurisdictions were working together to follow the young law student and watch his campus-area home on the Avenues.

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The Police Interviews: Liz Kloepfer, 1975

Elizabeth Kloepfer had been Ted Bundy’s girlfriend for nearly six years by the time he was arrested in Salt Lake City. After he became a suspect in the DaRonch kidnapping and Kent disappearance, police became especially interested in talking to her. Liz had struggled with her suspicions about Ted since the double murders at Lake Sammamish in Seattle nearly a year earlier. Here a distraught Liz dicusses Ted’s strange behaviors, personality, and background, as well as intimate details of their sex life and relationship.

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Much Ado About Replevin: The ‘Murder Kit’ Fiasco from an Archivist’s Perspective

Bundy murder kit evidence Bagans
The “murder kit” evidence photo, 1975. This is a direct scan of the original currently in the possession of the Bountiful Police Department.

Recently TMZ broke the news that Zak Bagans, host of the of premium cable “reality” show Ghost Adventures, is in a “tug of war” over the Ted Bundy “murder kit,” as well as a large archive of Bundy related material, including case files, trial papers, audiotape interrogations, photographs, and even physical evidence, such as samples of victim Melissa Smith’s pubic hair taken from her autopsy. Bagans publicly stated that his plan was to put them in his “Haunted Museum,” a tourist attraction in Las Vegas full of “murderbilia” and other “haunted” artifacts.

I won’t mince words: I think Bagans is a charlatan with no respect for victims, and even less respect for an accurate historical record. Bagans doesn’t know the case history at all. This fact is extremely obvious when watching the “Bundy ritual house” episode of his ludicrous TV show. The ridiculous antics of this overgrown teenager as he dramatically accuses a random abandoned house in Utah of being the “Debra Kent murder site” and “portal to hell” where Bundy performed “Devil rituals” is nauseating.

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