Case File: The Search for Georgann Hawkins, 1989

On January 20 and 22, 1989, Ted Bundy sat down with King County Detective Robert Keppel to give his final confessions. As a gesture of good faith, and with the hope of receiving a stay in exchange for more information on the final resting place of his unrecovered victims, Bundy described the final hours and … Continue reading Case File: The Search for Georgann Hawkins, 1989

Boise Idaho 1975

The Idaho Confession, 1989

INTERROGATION OF TED BUNDY: PREFACE On January 18, 1989, I was contacted by Bob Keppel, Chief Investigator for the Washington Attorney General's Office, and informed that Ted Bundy was possibly going to provide information regarding murders committed in Idaho. On January 19 and 20, 1989, I had several telephone conversations with Diana Weiner, an attorney … Continue reading The Idaho Confession, 1989

The Utah Confession, 1989

This is my transcription of Ted Bundy's confession to Salt Lake City Sheriff's Detective Dennis Couch, dated January 22, 1989. I used this recording as my source for the audio. Utah victim names mentioned in this confession include Nancy Wilcox, Debra Kent, Melissa Smith, Carol DaRonch, Laura Aime, and Nancy Baird. I attempted to transcribe … Continue reading The Utah Confession, 1989

Case File: Denise Lynn Oliverson, 1975

Excerpts from the Grand Junction, Colorado Police Department's case file on Denise Lynn (Nicholson) Oliverson. Ted Bundy confessed to Denise's murder on the day of his execution in 1989. Her body has never been found. 196619671968 Special report dated 04-07-1975. I was sent to the area under the 5th St. viaduct to check on an … Continue reading Case File: Denise Lynn Oliverson, 1975