The Unconfirmed Cases: Kerry Hardy-May; 1972

When 22-year-old Kerry Hardy-May disappeared from Seattle in June of 1972, at first her family wasn’t too worried. After all, Kerry was young, a free spirit, and in a period of transition after recently separating from her husband. So when she didn’t show up to her family home to help them pack for a trip as planned, they assumed she was busy and would be in touch soon. But Kerry would never be seen again. That is, not until excavators digging a golf course unearthed her bones from a shallow grave nearly 40 years later.

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The Utah State Prison: Part II, 1976

This is the second installment of Ted Bundy’s Utah State Prison records, released to me after a year of denied appeals to the Utah Dept. of Corrections and a final, successful appeal to the Utah State Records Committee. This is the first time these records have ever been seen outside of the Utah Department of Corrections. Bundy’s rehabilitation plan, progress report, work assignment performance reviews, and answers to the treatment plan worksheet’s standardized questions show his ability to exhibit an outwardly polished demeanor while also maintaining a resentful, aggrieved state of mind.

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Taylor Mountain, 1975

Over the years, detectives and authors alike theorized that the skulls found on Taylor Mountain in 1975 meant Bundy had decapitated Washington victims Lynda Healy, Susan Rancourt, Kathy Parks, and Brenda Ball. This is because at the time of the discovery of the crime scene, apart from the skulls all of the bones taken into evidence were deemed to be of animal origin. In 2005, the King County Medical Examiner’s office rediscovered a misplaced box of miscellaneous remains and identified several to be human leg bones. The results of DNA testing on those bones disproved the long held belief that only skulls were found on Taylor Mountain.

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The Presentence Investigation Report, 1976

In March 1976 Salt Lake City district court Judge Stewart Hanson ordered a presentence investigation report for Ted Bundy after his conviction in the Carol DaRonch kidnapping case. The judge wanted more information about Bundy’s life, as his clean-cut, law student exterior clashed with the violent crime he had been found guilty of committing. Don Hull with the Utah Department of Probation and Parole was assigned to investigate his background and reported the results to Judge Hanson before final sentencing.

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Case File: Melissa Smith, 1974

Seventeen-year-old Melissa Smith disappeared the night of October 18, 1974 while walking home from a pizza restaurant in Midvale, a suburb of Salt Lake City. Her nude, beaten, and strangled body was discovered by hunters nine days later in a wooded area. While Ted Bundy never admitted to her murder, when directly asked during his final confessions he did not deny it either. This is her case file.

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The Other Girlfriends, 1968-1976

Several other women were romantically linked to Ted Bundy besides his well-known girlfriends Diane Edwards, Liz Kloepfer, and Carole Boone. While less discussed than his major relationships, all of these women had interesting stories to share about their time with Ted both before and during his murders.

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Boise Idaho 1975

The Idaho Confession, 1989


On January 18, 1989, I was contacted by Bob Keppel, Chief Investigator for the Washington Attorney General’s Office, and informed that Ted Bundy was possibly going to provide information regarding murders committed in Idaho. On January 19 and 20, 1989, I had several telephone conversations with Diana Weiner, an attorney purportedly representing Mr. Bundy in civil matters. As a result of these conversations, an interview with Ted Bundy was scheduled for Sunday, January 22, 1989, at 11:00 am to take place at the Florida State Prison.

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