The Diagnostic Evaluation, 1976

PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATIONEVALUATOR: Evan Lewis, Ph.D., Counseling PsychologistDATE TESTED: March 8, 1976 Theodore Bundy is a 29-year-old man who was seen in the County Jail after being convicted of Aggravated Kidnapping. Mr. Bundy was very verbal and cooperative during all contacts with him. He has maintained his innocence and stated that he had nothing to hide.Mr. … Continue reading The Diagnostic Evaluation, 1976

The Presentence Investigation Report, 1976

STATE OF UTAHADULT PROBATION AND PAROLE2525 SOUTH MAIN SUITE #6SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH 84115 PRESENTENCE INVESTIGATION REPORT JUDGE Steward M. Hanson, Jr. Third District Court Salt Lake City, Utah Donald M. Hull, Investigator Ted Bundy's first prison booking photo, March 24, 1976 and record card. Courtesy Utah Dept. of Corrections NAME: BUNDY, Theodore RobertADDRESS; 413 … Continue reading The Presentence Investigation Report, 1976

Case File: Melissa Smith, 1974

Initial Missing Persons Report for Melissa Smith. October 18, 1974 Midvale Police Dept. Incident Offense Report by Officer ElsbyMissing Person Case No. 74-3245October 21, 1974The following is a follow-up on missing person, Melissa Smith.On 10-18-74, talked to Julie R. She says she called Melissa around between 8 and 8:30 to come to the Pepperoni and … Continue reading Case File: Melissa Smith, 1974

Salt Lake City Police Surveillance Logs, 1975

1975 map of the northern section of Salt Lake City. Supplementary Report by Detective BealFriday September 5, 1975Reporting officer, Sgt. Collard, Lt. Ballantyne went to Salt Lake in an effort to locate the car belonging to Theodore Bundy in an effort to have this car observed by Carol DaRonch.The car was located at suspect's residence. … Continue reading Salt Lake City Police Surveillance Logs, 1975

The Police Interviews: Liz Kloepfer, 1975

Liz Kloepfer and Ted Bundy, July 1975Photo from The Phantom Prince by Elizabeth 'Kendall' Report by Detective Kathy McChesney8-26-19750930 hrs: Responding officer received a phone call from Liz Kloepfer who advised that she is a girlfriend of TED BUNDY. She stated that the landlady, MRS. ROGERS, had told her that she had been questioned regarding … Continue reading The Police Interviews: Liz Kloepfer, 1975

The Other Girlfriends, 1968-1976

This post will detail the other women linked to Ted Bundy romantically besides his well-known girlfriends Diane Edwards, Liz Kloepfer, and Carole Boone. While less discussed than his major relationships, all of these women had interesting stories to share about their time with Bundy. They have all since changed their names. Cathy Swindler, Seattle 1968 … Continue reading The Other Girlfriends, 1968-1976

Case File: Debra Jean Kent, 1974

Excerpts from the Bountiful Police Department's case file on Debra Jean Kent. Ted Bundy confessed to Debra’s murder two days before his execution in 1989. Only her right patella has been found. Courtesy Bountiful Police Dept. OFFENSE REPORT: ATTEMPT TO LOCATE by Officer KoneSaturday 11/8/1974DEBRA KENT AGE: 175’1”-110#-BROWN LONG HAIR-BROWN EYES-OVAL FACELAST SEEN WEARING WHITE … Continue reading Case File: Debra Jean Kent, 1974

Trial Transcript: Theodore Bundy, Part II, 1976

This is the cross examination of Ted Bundy by David Yocom, Assistant Salt Lake County prosecutor, in the Carol DaRonch kidnapping trial. Bruce Lubeck and John O'Connell were Bundy's defense attorneys. The testimony occurred on Thursday February 26, 1976. Ted Bundy at trial, March 2, 1976. MR. LUBECK: Your Honor, there’s a couple of exhibits … Continue reading Trial Transcript: Theodore Bundy, Part II, 1976