Trial Transcript: Mary and Wilbur Walch, 1976

Mr. and Mrs. Walch were an older couple who just happened to be driving by when Carol DaRonch jumped into their car to escape Ted Bundy. In all likelihood they inadvertently saved her life that night, as he could have easily caught up with her had they not been there. They testified for the prosecution in the kidnapping trial on Tuesday, February 24, 1976.

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Trial Transcript: Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, 1976

This is the transcript for the testimony of Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, an expert witness on human memory called by the defense. David Yocom represented the State of Utah, and John O’Connell was Ted Bundy’s defense attorney. This testimony was given on Wednesday, February 25, 1976, at the Third District Court in Salt Lake City.

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