After Ted’s arrest on August 16, 1975, Salt Lake area police quickly put two and two together, tying him to the kidnapping of Carol DaRonch from nearly a year earlier. By early September, police from multiple jurisdictions were working together to follow the young law student and watch his campus-area home on the Avenues.

Ted Bundy Salt Lake City map
1975 map of the northern section of Salt Lake City.

Supplementary Report by Detective Beal
Friday September 5, 1975

Reporting officer, Sgt. Collard, Lt. Ballantyne went to Salt Lake in an effort to locate the car belonging to Theodore Bundy in an effort to have this car observed by Carol DaRonch.
The car was located at suspect’s residence. At this time Sgt. Collard went to pick up Carol. Prior to his arrival the vehicle left his residence, went to the University, back to his residence and then down to the telephone office on 200 South and 300 East.
Just shortly prior to Sgt. Collard’s return to the area the vehicle left westbound on 200 South. Reporting officer followed and the vehicle turned north on Main Street. Reporting officer was caught in a red light and hemmed in by traffic.
Prior to reporting officer’s arrival on Main Street the vehicle disappeared and this officer was unable to locate the vehicle. This officer checked all known possible locations again and was unable to locate the vehicle.
Reporting officer will attempt to relocate this vehicle again and attempt to have the witness look at the vehicle.

Police surveillance image of Bundy’s rooming house at 565 First Avenue in Salt Lake City, 1975. Courtesy King County Archives.

Surveillance Report by Sgt. Collard
Wednesday September 10, 1975

Surveillance was set up on the above date at 8:05 AM. At 8:05 the suspect’s Volkswagen license #LJE379 was parked in front of the apartment complex directly east of his residence. His white Ford pickup is parked to the rear of his apartment complex.
Suspect at 9:35. The suspect left his house and proceeded to 5th Avenue and F Street, entered Smith Food King and remained there for approximately 5 minutes, returned to his vehicle and went South on F Street to 1st Ave. At 9:40 the vehicle was East bound on 1st Avenue, turned South on F street. Vehicle eluded pursuing officer’s at 4th East and South Temple.
At 11:25 the subject returned home. Surveilling officer was facing West on 1st Avenue on the Northeast corner. As soon as the vehicle which approached the home from the East traveling West pulled into the parking lot across the street, surveilling officer then pulled into the parking lot across the street. He observed Mr. Bundy enter the home at which time entered the he entered the home with a package of groceries and then approximately 10 seconds later, came back out of the home.
Subject then left his home and traveled East on 1st Avenue to “I” Street and then South on “I” Street to the next street running East which he apparently took East.
Approximately 11:35 the subject was observed walking West on 1st Avenue directly in front of this officers vehicle. This time the officers vehicle was parked in a parking lot on the Southeast corner of 1st Avenue and “I” Street. The vehicle was parked at the furthest North portion of the parking lot facing North where the subject’s home could be observed. Subject walked West bound on 1st Ave, approximately 5 feet in front of the officer’s vehicle to the corner of “I” Street and then he walked South, came back into the parking lot and stood at the rear corner of the officers surveillance car where he appeared to be taking note of the license plate number. At this time the subject then walked West towards his home. This was the last time the officer observed him.
Assisting units which were enroute from Bountiful were then contacted at 11:50 and advised of the situation.
At 1305 hours, reporting officer then made contact with Mr. Moreton of the Moreton Insurance Company on South Temple which is about 650 East South Temple and made arrangements for the use of his office space. A picture was then taken from this location of the home. At 1315 hours, reporting officer then went next door to the second floor of the Firemans Fund Insurance Company where another picture of the home was taken and an attempted picture was made of Mr. Bundy who was then seated in the upper left hand windows, which is his neighbors apartment, sitting looking out the window with his neighbor who is a white male, American, approximately 5’11, 170 lbs, with light brown or blond hair. On this occasion the neighbor was wearing a rust colored shirt and Mr. Bundy was wearing a blue shirt with blue pants, light in color. Arrangements were also made at this time to utilize the upper floor during the evening surveillance of the Fireman Fund Insurance Building.
At 2:25 PM, confirmation was made with Officer Beal on the fact of Mr. Bundy’s car still being at the rear of his apartment house.
At 5:10 PM this reporting officer along with Officer Harwood of the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office observed Mr. Bundy pull his vehicle from the rear parking area of his apartment down to the sidewalk where he was once again in his coveralls, and appeared to be working on the bumper of his vehicle. It should be noted at this point the bumper was observed back on the vehicle and also on the bumper was located the correct license plate that which matched the rear license plate. The license number being LJE379. After turning over the keys to the building to Det. Harwood, this reporting officer left the Salt Lake area at approximately 5:15PM.

Ted Bundy Volkswagen
Courtesy Bountiful Police Dept.

Excerpt from a Report by Detective Jerry Thompson
Wednesday Sept. 10, 1975

As of this time, I just received a phone call from the Bountiful Police Department, who are tailing the subject. They stated that the subject is a very hencky, very nervous individual. They have observed so far that he comes out of his apartment, walks around the house, looks up and down the street, has gone back in the house and even changed clothes two different times; that there are two or three times they’re sure they have been made; that the subject has even come down and walked right around behind the car and they’re sure he has written their license plate number down. They are using unmarked, not police cars. They claim the individual is a very, very hencky individual and extremely hard to follow, and they are positive that he is aware of the situation.

Surveillance Report
Thursday Sept. 11, 1975

A joint meeting was held at approximately 8:00 a.m., at the Metropolitan Hall of Justice with Captain Pete Hayward after which surveillance was set up in the area of I Street and First Avenue. This took place at approximately 9:40 a.m.
While setting the surveillance up, it was determined that the subject’s vehicle, a beige Volkswagen, was not in the area at which time an attempt was made by Sgt. Collard at the University of Utah to locate the car. Attempts were made by Detective Beal and Detective Stones to locate the car in the area of downtown Salt Lake City.
At approximately 2:30 p.m., Reporting Officer made contact with Detective Thompson who advised Reporting Officer of the subject’s telephone number. This number was called and there was no one found to be at home.
A telephone call was placed at approximately 2:45 p.m. As of this time, which is 2:45 p.m., there has been no further contact with the subject or his Volkswagen.
At approximately 1:50 p.m., the girlfriend’s Datsun, which is dark blue in color, was observed at the back of the residence. It was not observed coming in or out of the area by the officers on surveillance.
As of 4:10 p.m., Officers on surveillance have not made contact with the subject or his vehicle and as of 4:10 p.m., the dark blue Datsun, which was identified as belonging to his girlfriend, who lives directly below him, is still located at the rear of the apartment complex.

Ted Bundy Avenues Salt Lake City Utah
The Avenues neighborhood of Salt Lake City, 1975. The red dot is Bundy’s home at 565 1st Ave.

Surveillance Report
Friday Sept. 12, 197
Surveillance was set up and contact was made with Salt Lake County Officers at approximately 8:10 a.m. At approximately 8: 35 a.m., the vehicle moved out and moved north on H Street to 2nd Avenue, east along 2nd Avenue where eye contact was lost.
The vehicle was later found on K Street– exact address at this time unknown. At approximately 9:00 a.m., the subject’s vehicle was observed leaving approximately 150 K Street, traveled East to 2nd Avenue, where it proceeded all the way down to approximately U Street. At U Street, he made a U-turn and traveled back West along 2nd Avenue until he reached the block between S and T Street, where he then made another U-turn and proceeded North on the one way street on T Street.
The vehicle was then lost again for about five minutes, then it was observed parked in the area of 11th Avenue– J Street. The vehicle was facing West on J Street on the North side of the street. The address of this residence and the address on K Street will be later obtained and included in the report.
The apartment complex at the corner on the Northwest corner of 11th and J Street is the dwelling in which Mr. Bundy parked his vehicle at approximately 9:20 a.m. A license number was obtained to a Volkswagen which was parked directly behind the subject’s. The address of 629 East 11th Avenue. The license number on this vehicle is LAH 950. This is to a Volkswagen, light in color, possibly white.
At 10:25 a.m., the subject left the area of 629 East 11th Avenue, pulled over on the corner and stopped to talk to some students.
At 10:35, the subject pulled in on the corner and parked his car on the corner on the Southwest corner of 11th Avenue and J Street, at which time he took a brown suitcase from his car and took it into a home. The address of this home will have to be later obtained.
At approximately 10:35, the subject left in a black over blue, possibly Plymouth in the area of 11th Avenue and J Street. The subject was in the back seat, the vehicle, ADF 809, traveled to the subject’s residence, where he brought a sack from his residence, climbed back into the back seat of the vehicle, then traveled back to the area of 11th Avenue and J Street where the subject got out of the vehicle and the black over blue vehicle left. These Officers feel that perhaps the vehicle is carrying some of the luggage to an outing at Sweetwater Park.
At 10:50 a.m., the subject entered his vehicle with another person, who was a male, then traveled East on 11th, making a right hand turn at approximately K Street. In this area, he again evaded Officers until they picked him up traveling along South Temple going East to the University of Utah.
At this time, he evaded the Officers in the area of the Law School. The vehicle was again picked up at the address on 11th East and J Street about fifteen minutes later.
Officer Beal stated that he observed the vehicle pull into the driveway at approximately 11:15 a.m. The surveillance team then checked the area and found the subject’s car not to be in the driveway. A search of the Avenues again took place.
After five minutes of searching the area with the four surveillance vehicles, Reporting Officer traveled north to Bountiful to obtain services for his vehicle and to set up the surveillance on I-15 Northbound to Sweetwater.
It is the opinion of the Officers on Surveillance that Mr. Bundy has been associating with individuals through the morning and making preparation with these individuals to go on a trip to Sweetwater Resort.
As of 12 noon the Bundy vehicle has not yet been observed on I-15 Northbound.
The license number, ADF 809 is registered to a 1970 Dodge, registered to an Elliot A. Fairbanks. This was the license number given belonging to the black over blue vehicle in which Mr. Bundy had been riding in earlier.

Recreation on Bear Lake, Utah (location of the Sweetwater Resort), 1971. Courtesy University of Utah Marriott Library

As of 1:00 p.m., this date, there has been no further contact with Mr. Bundy or his vehicle. As of 2:00 p.m., there has been no contact with Mr. Bundy nor has his vehicle been observed from Centerville area on I-15, nor has there been contact made with the Bundy vehicle in SLC by the surveillance team.
Reporting Officer concluded his surveillance at the Centerville area at approximately 2:30 p.m., with negative contact. It is believed that Mr. Bundy left directly from his apartment at 11th East and J Street and preceded this Officer through the Bountiful area on his way to Sweetwater.

Surveillance Report
Monday Sept. 15, 1975

Surveillance team with Sgt. W. O. Collard, Detective Art Stones and Deputy Detective J. R. Hunt.
On Sept. 15, 1975 the above officers set up surveillance in the neighborhood of “H” Street and 1st Avenue at 8:15 AM. At approximately 8:45 AM subject got in his car and drove south on 700 East to 800 South where he traveled west to Green Street where he stopped for approximately five minutes. The home at this location is a multiple dwelling and the addresses which may have been visited by the subject are as follows: 651, 653 or 647 or 649 East on 800 South.
The vehicle then left, traveled east on 800 South to the 2nd home east of 200 East on the right hand side of the road. At this location the vehicle then parked. The individual then walked across the street and talked to a man and a woman. The location address would be 727 East 800 South.
The man was described as male, approximately 6’3″, 200#, with blonde hair. The address of this individual would have been a multiple dwelling also being either 713 or 715 East on 800 South.
At approximately 9:10 AM the officers lost contact with the subject vehicle in the area of 800 South 700 East. The vehicle was then picked up again at 9:30 AM at the subject’s home by Detective Hunt.
When the subject returned home he entered the home and came out with a passenger and went for a short ride. This would have consisted of having traveled north on “H” Street from 1st Avenue to 3rd Avenue and then east to “K” Street where he then turned left, traveled north and then to approximately 5th Avenue, made another turn to the left and came back down “J” Street and south on 1st Avenue back west to his home. There were no stops made and no real reason for the chase other than the fact that it is felt by observing officers that he is extremely paranoid and suspect is aware that he is being followed.
At 10:00 AM he came out of his home and walked to the store and went inside at this time. He was wearing a red and black plaid shirt, red gym shorts and tennis shoes. At approximately 10:03 AM the subject returned home.
At 10:45 AM subject came from the apartment with a brown case which was approximately 1 1/2 feet high, 1 foot wide and 2 feet deep. At this time he visited with another tenant who had just traveled to the drugstore and bought a coke and was sitting on the front porch of the apartment house. The individual is the one with curly black hair and a mustache.
The subject was then followed to the University of Utah where he parked west across University Avenue across from the Law School, at approximately 10:10.
At this time the subject got out of his vehicle, walked north on University Avenue to 200 South then west to 1300 East and then back east on 200 South to University Avenue. At the whole time he kept looking about constantly. This officer observed him from about 3 blocks away from the circle in front of the University of Utah Administration Building.
The subject then appeared to observe this officer approximately 3 blocks away and began walking towards this officer’s direction at which time this officer pulled out on the one way street and left the “U”. Reporting officer then returned to the area at the east of the law school where he parked his car and entered the building directly south of the law school in order to keep surveillance on subject’s vehicle.
While inside this officer was notified by Detective Stones that subject came walking by reporting officer’s vehicle and examined the interior of that vehicle. This officer then observed the subject traveling west on 400 South towards the University Avenue, then north to his car. He then backed his car up approximately four parking spaces to the north, got out and went back into the law school building.
At about 11:45 AM subject left the law school, walked north on University to 200 South and then walked west to 1300 South and was last seen at this time at 300 South and 1300 East by Detective Hunt.
Approximately 10 minutes later which would have been 11:55 the subject was observed down in the area of 1100 East and 400 South, walking around and looking up and down the streets. At 12:15 the subject returned to his car and went home. He was at his home for approximately five minutes and then departed.
The subject was lost at approximately 12:25 in the area of the avenues and contact was lost until approximately l:25 PM at which time his car was found parked at University Avenue and 300 South. This officer then took up surveillance of the subject’s vehicle on University Avenue. Officer Hunt drove his car to the top of the circle in front of the University Administration Building and sat. At approximately 2:00 PM Officer Hunt observed the individual behind his car taking a picture of his vehicle and walking up and attempting to take a picture of himself.
At approximately 2:10 PM the officers met and discussed the situation at which time we decided to return to Bountiful. In returning this officer drove down University to 200 South. Subject’s vehicle was still there.
Reporting officer then observed the subject standing in the middle of the intersection at 200 South & University Avenue with his camera. As the officer passed through he attempted to take a photograph of this officer and his vehicle.
The subject during the course of the day appeared to have accomplished nothing more than trying to evade these officers and trying to catch the officers as they were holding surveillance. His actions indicated that his purpose at the University was not one of study or attending any classes.
The subject is extremely concerned about being followed or watched and has a most suspicious nature about himself.

Excerpt from the Notes of Detective Jerry Thompson
September 23, 1975

An around the clock surveillance has been put on the subject by our office and Bountiful Police Department in an attempt to locate or come up with friends or associates. We have been unable to come up with this, even during our surveillance. We did come up with the information that he joined the Mormon Church a month or so ago and went to one of their overnight outings at Sweetwater in Bear Lake, Utah. He appeared to stay for the most part alone up there. He does not appear to have any close friends that we have been able to come up with there either. We have come up with one possible girlfriend, a Margith Maughan, who lives in the same apartment complex at 565 First Avenue apartment 1 in the basement. That basically is all that we know about the subject at this time.

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