10 thoughts on “Taylor Mountain, 1975

  1. Sorry for the late reply! If you think this find calls the decapitation theory into question, how do you feel about Bundy’s statements to Keppel about severing and burning/burying the heads of Hawkins and Manson?

  2. Amazing article. I’ve allways wondered where he actually killed/disposed of these four girls? If he really just threw their heads on Taylor Mt and killed and buried their bodies somewhere else entitely.

    1. Thank you! I had wondered that as well. The evidence seems to indicate that Bundy was telling the truth here, and their bodies were on Taylor Mountain the entire time.

  3. can you add pictures of Lynda Ann Healy? as i know they found her mandible but not skull right?

      1. thanks for update. there are some misinformations about Healy’s remains. for example Wikipedia’s Ted Bundy article says her skull and mandible was found and they gave Keppel as an source but Keppel’s himself says in a interview they only found her mandible and found nothing else. i m just confused and you cleared me up. thanks.

  4. Thanks for presenting the documentation for Taylor Mountain. Even with animal predation , the damage to the skulls was significant. These were incredibly savage attacks.

  5. This is really well done. Taylor, along with Issaquah, will always remain incredibly important areas of land as it relates to Ted and his crimes. This is a very nice timeline of Taylor Mt., that links the events in a cohesive manner. Great work.

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