Case File: Melissa Smith, 1974

Seventeen-year-old Melissa Smith disappeared the night of October 18, 1974 while walking home from a pizza restaurant in Midvale, a suburb of Salt Lake City. Her nude, beaten, and strangled body was discovered by hunters nine days later in a wooded area. While Ted Bundy never admitted to her murder, when directly asked during his final confessions he did not deny it either. This is her case file.

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Trial Transcript: Mary and Wilbur Walch, 1976

Mr. and Mrs. Walch were an older couple who just happened to be driving by when Carol DaRonch jumped into their car to escape Ted Bundy. In all likelihood they inadvertently saved her life that night, as he could have easily caught up with her had they not been there. They testified for the prosecution in the kidnapping trial on Tuesday, February 24, 1976.

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