The Police Interviews: Liz Kloepfer, 1975

Liz Kloepfer and Ted Bundy, July 1975. Photo from The Phantom Prince by Elizabeth 'Kendall' Report by Detective Kathy McChesney8-26-19750930 hrs: Responding officer received a phone call from Liz Kloepfer who advised that she is a girlfriend of TED BUNDY. She stated that the landlady, MRS. ROGERS, had told her that she had been questioned … Continue reading The Police Interviews: Liz Kloepfer, 1975

The Other Girlfriends, 1968-1976

This post will detail the other women linked to Ted Bundy romantically besides his well-known girlfriends Diane Edwards, Liz Kloepfer, and Carole Boone. While less discussed than his major relationships, all of these women had interesting stories to share about their time with Bundy. They have all since changed their names. Cathy Swindler, Seattle 1968 … Continue reading The Other Girlfriends, 1968-1976

Trial Transcript: Margith Maughan, 1976

Margith Maughan, 1965 This is the witness testimony of Margith Maughan, Ted Bundy's downstairs neighbor at 565 1st Avenue and a previous girlfriend. The daughter of a Utah Supreme Court justice, she testified for the prosecution in the Carol DaRonch kidnapping trial on Tuesday, February 24, 1976. DIRECT EXAMINATION BY MR. YOCOM Q: Will you … Continue reading Trial Transcript: Margith Maughan, 1976