Case File: Melissa Smith, 1974

Initial Missing Persons Report for Melissa Smith. October 18, 1974 Midvale Police Dept. Incident Offense Report by Officer ElsbyMissing Person Case No. 74-3245October 21, 1974The following is a follow-up on missing person, Melissa Smith.On 10-18-74, talked to Julie R. She says she called Melissa around between 8 and 8:30 to come to the Pepperoni and … Continue reading Case File: Melissa Smith, 1974

The Utah Confession, 1989

This is my transcription of Ted Bundy's confession to Salt Lake City Sheriff's Detective Dennis Couch, dated January 22, 1989. I used this recording as my source for the audio. Utah victim names mentioned in this confession include Nancy Wilcox, Debra Kent, Melissa Smith, Carol DaRonch, Laura Aime, and Nancy Baird. I attempted to transcribe … Continue reading The Utah Confession, 1989